Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 70

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Sixty Nine, read it HERE!!!

“You will spend eternity in the Mirror for the evil you have done. You are no daughter of mine. Hades take her out of here.” Dad had finally made his judgment known to all. I wasn’t moved though, I just sat where I have been sitting earlier awaiting my fate. I mean how can Dad possibly banish me for eternity, it’s just not gonna happen.
” Dad, calm your nerves and rethink this through. There are other ways my sister can be punished, but not like this,please. ”
Dad, still very pissed, causing blue lightening to dance back and forth the hall looked towards my brother, Apollo and said,
” Shut that twisted mouth of yours, Son. You have watched your sister kill innocents and commit other unthinkable acts just because such persons rivalled her in something or because of petty things such as Beauty. You have always supported her in wicked acts such as one she has just committed. How many innocent people have you killed yourself on behalf of your ‘sweet’ sister. I am also watching you, make the same mistake she made and I will personally throw you myself into the deepest part of Tartarus. ”
Haven Said that, Hades who has never had an atom of love for me whispered some words to my Dad at the higher table which was made of pure gold.
” Yes, very good suggestion brother. Anthea, as Lord over all gods and Protector of the innocent, I hereby take the following godly attributes from you :
Your power to protect children and their mum for killing an innocent mother and child and for attempt at another ; Your power over the moon, honestly you never deserved it but since it’s needed for your survival, I will give you a little portion of it ;
The ability of prophecy ;
Your chastity…. ”
I spoke up after hearing that,” You can’t do that Dad, you can’t take away my Chastity, it’s mine and mine to keep. ”
” How dare you cut me off ” Dad asked completely mad will rage, he nearly howled a lightening bolt at me if it wasn’t for Poseidon who has been mostly quiet all through this meeting. He re-directed the lightening bolt towards something else since no one can actually stop Dad’s lightening bolts.
” You arrogant, wicked thing. I think I know what I am gonna do eventually. I will create a way out for you. You will be saved by a human and yes, you must agree to marry him else you will remain in that cell forever, now Hades, take this thing out of my sight before I blast her to smithereens. ”
Still, I didn’t move because I thought Dad was joking but when Hades started walking towards me with his polluted dark cloth of darkness and his trademark black lightening, I knew Dad wasn’t joking. I tried to beg him but such time has passed me by. Hades covered me with his cloth of darkness and carried me off to his abode but it wasn’t so. He actually descended on earth and then close to the
pathway to his kingdom, there was a tree, a huge one. He split the tree open with his black lightening and then pushed me into it without any emotion whatsoever. I fell into the hole which was actually within the tree and landed on a smooth wooden floor. The floor was smooth as well as the walls of the cell. I guess that’s why Dad called it the mirror but it wasn’t because of that. It was actually because it reminded me every killing I did all through the course of my life. Everyday, the walls kept showing the victims of my rage and jealousy. I have wept and prayed to my father countless times but if he heard me I couldn’t tell. I was getting depressed as time went on and it finally hit me that dad meant every word he uttered in his heavenly abode. I have to find a way to leave this place , I have to get out of here. I stood up and decided to check my surroundings once again and I discovered some new things. The cell which was within the stem of a tree was held by four pillars which didn’t make any sense to me. Anyway, I checked these pillars to discover that each of them had something written on them but I couldn’t interpret any of it save for the one which was Close up north. I was able to interpret it as my pride. My pride? What does that mean? Then I remembered what Dad said about me marrying a human. He was referring to my virginity but how can I take away my pride without not being able to see the world.
I was confused for days and it wasn’t until after Sometime I was able to figure out what it all means. Dad has always talked about virtue, he loves preaching about it whenever we were in those boring meetings he usually calls for. He had always admired my virginity and termed it the best virtue a female can have. So, if I am right, it means every one of those pillars represent a virtue but will I be the one to display them all. Well, I had to take things one by one. I went to the pillar I could interpret and instinctively, I said,
” This day, I give myself wholly to my human mate. I promise to submit to him and give him my most cherished possession – my virginity. ”
Immediately I regretted uttering such after I had already spoken the words . I was angry with myself for promising what I was never gonna do, but it was too late for regrets as it seemed that my words have been relayed to my Dad as blue and black lightening blasted the pillar, turning it black and making it possible for me to see the outer world. But why was Hades lightening involved in the burn up, what has he got to with this whole fiasco? Anyway, destroying one of the pillars somehow made me know what to do. I just knew I needed someone on the outside to help me, but help me to do what, I didn’t know myself.

To Be Continued…

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