Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 71

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Seventy, read it HERE!!!

       I  began the search for the soul that will help in bringing me out of this hole but I couldn’t find any suitable one to house some of my powers. I decided to use nymphs since they have immortality in them something  poor humans don’t have but that too proved difficult as most of them refused to help me. I guess my reputation precedes me. I went to my fellowship of maidens but nearly all have been married over and the few ones who fought for their chastity were killed. I was enraged at that time but I couldn’t do anything than burn in anger. I  gave up after it seemed I couldn’t find any suitable soul to aid my cause.
One day, as I watched the world grow and populate without one Artemis, I heard someone whisper my name, out of fear probably. I ignored it thinking it was my imagination but I heard my name being whispered again and I listened this time. I discovered it was a being praying to me for help, a nymph to be precised. She prayed to actually help me and not the way around. I felt the prayer was strange but I was desperate and so I heeded to her calls. I spoke with her and she said she has heard of whispers concerning how I was to be released.
She said she will tell me if I promise her a reward of her own choosing. I promised her even If I knew not what it was.
She told me my dad laid down conditions that must be followed to the latter if I am ever to walk free again. She said that the mirror was held by four pillars which were actually seals. Seals that can only be broken by exhibiting certain virtues. She said I was have broken the only one related to me hence my ability to talk to her now, which was quite correct so I gave her my full attention since her whispers were true.
The other virtues were to be broken by someone else, one who is actually going to be my husband but is not supposed to come now. He will be blessed by Zeus himself and must exhibit every one of those virtues in battle. I became enraged after what the nymph just told me, so my father brought me down here  to  rot while he places my fate in the hands of a worthless human. I was really mad and wasn’t thinking straight so when the nymph said her reward was the human my father will send to help me. I granted her wish and even swore by the River Styx without thinking twice. But, unknown to me then, I set off the motion that will empower the demon, Anthea to take everything I have.
Apparently, Anthea was a wood nymph who was a friend to Acheson, but She had deeper feelings for him. Acheson loved his wife and family and only saw Anthea as a friend but that didn’t push her away. She still held on believing he will see her as she sees him. Well, that didn’t happen as I killed him and she swore vengeance on me by promising to take the man given to me by my father.
Well, that worked for her because I wasn’t ready to submit to any man and so it was quite easy to get what she wanted but that was only  the beginning of her plans.
Swearing by the River Styx meant that I couldn’t go back on my word but there was a contradiction. I had already promise to submit to Richard before I broke the first seal, meaning I agreed to be his mate and wife but now am  I saying otherwise, giving him to Anthea. So, because of that, there was a problem, it therefore meant any one among us could be his mate which still was good news to me but then I didn’t know .
I summoned Anthea and gave her some of my powers, especially powers over the wild and Magic. She left my presence and started practising to get used to her new powers. One day, she came over to her cell and told me that William will soon be born and she has plans on how he was gonna to break the virtues. I trusted her so much, I didn’t even bother to listen to her plans and asked her to carry on as she deem fit.
She did some magic and created the werewolf beast by taking using the same Lycan spell I used on Acheson ‘s hunting wolves on a wolf. She breathe her consciousness into the wolf, becoming one with the wolf. She planned to bite Richard to grant him the required powers he needed to fight his upcoming battles but unknown to us, my father had already given Richard all he needed to fight his battles. Making Richard bite from her gave her some sort of advantage over me. She had access to Richard’s soul, something I didn’t have till Richard broke the third  seal, after which his godly attributes came alive. Anthea got to know Richard wasn’t only blessed by my father, he was also a god which prompted her to try and look into his soul but she couldn’t find what she wanted and so she visited him in school, convincing him to answer my summonings. He did and then I was finally able to see the man I was bestowed face to face. He is perfection and this could only be the work of my father. I sensed my powers from inside him and it was then I finally realized my foolhardy in giving Anthea an opportunity to get my powers. I tried to connect with them but I couldn’t because My powers are connected to Richard and until he discovers his powers, I won’t be able to take back what’s mine even if I were to sleep with him, this is what Anthea doesn’t know.
Richard was different from most gods, he isn’t moved by anger or emotion or worship or even praises. He is only moved by the right motivation which could be anything,it’s why he is the perfect vessel to break whatever seal needed to be broken. 
In his first battle, He was motivated to save his people from destruction and in that battle, he displayed fearlessness, which was the second seal,for he wasn’t moved even if his enemies were far stronger than he was. In the second battle, he was motivated by Vengeance to get his pound of flesh on the man that killed his parents but that didn’t becloud his sense of reasoning and so instead of risking the life of innocent kids for his cause, he went all alone and got his victory. In this situation, He displayed selflessness and broke the third seal. Ever since then, I have fallen in love with this man. He is frankly very emotional and sometimes does silly things but his unpredictability is what actually makes me hopelessly drawn to him. His beautiful brown eyes, clear brown skin and his skills both t and off the bedroom(.. Yes, I do watch him when he sleeps with his wives…  I am a virgin remember.. Probably the oldest, so I have to learn when I can.)  have made me desire a man for the first time in my existence. His calm demeanor and cunny ways of making jokes have left me depressed whenever he is not with me. He has so many women in his life, it’s hard to still believe I can still hope to have him all to myself. It’s the same attributes that has made Anthea fall hopelessly in love with him but once again she is scared that she might never have him too just like Acheson and has resorted into doing evil to vent her frustrations. Anthea has always desired to be loved but it just seems she is just not able to leave married men alone. She keeps Falling for the ones that have already been taken but I have this uncanny feeling that she might actually get her wish this time. She is working really get to get me out of the picture because once again  I have kept my trust in someone hoping that he will make it this time because as every day passes, I am slowing eroding away.
Anthea knows this and that’s why she is taking her time because she knows I only have a few weeks to live but if Richard is ever going to discover his powers, he will need my help more than ever. Anthea’s love for Richard has pushed her to do things to display her love but Richard doesn’t see it that way. Richard believes Anthea is evil and should be destroyed but Anthea isn’t the evil one. She has actually been the Guardian Richard haven’t been fortunate to have since his parents death. From his younger days, she has been that quiet voice that has guided Richard and helped him to the man he is today. She has helped him in his battles, gave him the opportunity to solve riddles that have only made him stronger. Richard made Anthea the enemy when he slept with her daughter. He should never have done so, doing so meant to Anthea that she wasn’t worth it and yet again she felt she had come short to take her man but not to a better person but her own daughter. Her jealousy disrupted the balance between both wills in her and her darker side took over. Anthea is someone you don’t want to mess with, she has lived for a very long time and has the backing of very powerful beings. Because Richard couldn’t control his rod, he hurt the most important person in his life and he will very much pay for it in the days coming. I know this because the last virtue is mercy, but what Anthea is gonna do that will make Richard have mercy on her is still unknown to me.
All of these needless battles and virtue breaking situations started because I refused to fall in love and someone somewhere refused to give up on her love. Love brings compassion but it can also turn to a malicious drive in the wrong hands. Love is a two faced coin which  can go both ways if not properly tossed. I have seen what it can do and I am in this cell because of that, but Richard Will soon discover Love’s power when Anthea brings to fruition her most evil plan yet.
As for me, I will wait here and hope my trust in Richard pays off this time but if it doesn’t, I will gladly rot away as the true mate of Richard Mikaelson, for in my desperation, I became the forgotten mate.

To Be Continued…

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