Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 89

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Eighty Eight, read it HERE!!!

    Dad’s look was super scary, I have never seen his face like this before, but then I only just met him. He was drilling the boys really hard , his mates inclusive.
As soon as Jason and I arrived at the mansion after I had done a good job convincing him to let me follow him, Dad told the wolves to transform. They all changed from their human side to their animal side but Dad wasn’t pleased. He felt they were a little slow and asked them to change again and again. It went back and forth and after they must have transformed close to twelve times by my count, he let them off the hook. The funny thing was, his mates didn’t participate in the transformation exercise.
From there, they started the sprinting exercise, the wolves ran in full force after Dad blows a whistle and then jumped to catch something. This activity went on for quite some time before he allowed them inside to eat. I was really surprised to see Miss Angel participating  in the activities because it’s just been less than three weeks since she gave birth.
The boys were really tired and devoured anything their hands could get on. I watched Jason eat like a horse and strangely, I caught mum a few times staring at him. I wonder why she is looking at him in such a manner, surely, he won’t betray his master again.
After the meal in which Dad didn’t  Indulge in, Dad asked everyone to wake up at five and each should pray to whatever they believe because tomorrow, they might be not complete like this. He also warned sternly that they shouldn’t be any S£x tonight, staring at me after saying such. The rest of the wolves chuckled before taking their leave to the bedrooms, it was a little embarrassing. Jason kissed me goodnight before heading up the stairs with Eric.
I looked around the dining to see just mum and Miss Lucy who was busy watching the plates, Dad has mysteriously disappeared along with Miss Angel. Those plates seemed too much for Miss Lucy and I decided to help her out since mum was busy looking at Dad. I don’t really understand her these days, she seems tough but in truth she looks depressed.
” Thanks, but I will be fine.” Beautiful Miss Lucy said, politely telling me she didn’t need my help. I scoffed and continued washing the plates with her.
“You know if it true that you look after your father when he was all Caucasian, then I think your Dad must have looked very funny with a crown on his head.”    Miss Lucy teased Dad. I chuckle and punched her playfully  on her arm, she replied by pouring water on me. We laughed and it was fun doing something with her. I never actually knew she was this open, but if there is one thing I got from our little conversation is that, she wants to have a child for Dad but I don’t think that’s really on his list right now. I don’t know what he is planning for the battle tomorrow and no one knows what he is thinking exactly which is probably what is disturbing mum. She always know What Dad is up to but for the past few weeks, it seems that privilege has been taken from her.
I woke up the next day to discover that Mum was already up and running. I looked at my phone to discover several missed calls from my other parents. I quickly called them to calm their nerves and told them  I was safe somewhere within town. I got to the shower and washed my body  before going downstairs to find the wolves during some light workout.
The workout didn’t take much time and soon Dad stopped them to probably have a pep talk with them when his phone started ringing. He picked and was arguing with someone before he reluctantly walk down the garden to the end of the wall where he performed the spell to open up the wall protecting the house.
He held the wall from closing and I saw some strange fellows coming in from the  break in the wall. I have never seen these folks before and they looked  weird. They were quite the bunch, about fifty all in all. The wolves didn’t look amused one bit when they saw the strange crew I, could hear some growl among the wolves but the weird crew didn’t seem to care.
A tall woman among them who seemed to be their leader kissed Dad on the lips in some kind of greeting. I looked towards Dad’s mates direction and boy if looks could kill, that woman should be on the beautiful grass with her body parts littered all over the place. She seemed to   know exactly what she was doing to the mates and grinned at them when Dad wasn’t looking. For her to kiss Dad like that, something must have happened between them both in secret. I wonder why Dad can’t seem to leave women alone but I can’t deny the fact that he has great taste in the opposite S£x.
” Bringing your people here in an attempt to join in the fight is quite unnecessary, Ivy. I and my wolves are quite capable of handling this. ”
Ivy,  hmm…. Cool name.
” That’s a lie and you know it, your wolves are not capable of battling those  monsters alone. I watched them a few times fight and I can tell you this with all certainty, those creatures will tear your wolves limb from limb. We have a chance if we work together. If I decide to mind my business and stay put in my house and allow you head into this battle with that delusion of yours and you end up losing, I and my remaining subjects will become slaves to those animals and I can’t allow that. ” Ivy said.
Dad didn’t look pleased after what she said but she was right even if I have never seen the creatures they were talking about.
” I know you guys don’t like this but Miss Ivy is right. You guys might not be able to match those creatures one on one, moreover, I don’t even know their exact number but from what I saw this morning, those guys won’t be a walk over. I suggest we work  with the Vampires this one time and together see out a common enemy in Anthea.”
So, these guys are vampires, this just got interesting. After Dad ended his speech, Ivy couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear which made Miss Angel walk out of the training session in anger. Dad Ignored her and focused on the task at hand.
He and along with Ivy did a good job training the wolves to work with the Vampires. The Vampires attacked Dad with their speed, distracting him while the wolf quietly jumps on Dad’s back to try to break his backbone. Of course, the wolf couldn’t do that to Dad but it was an example of what they were to do in the battlefield. It was a good plan and one likely to work.
The wolves took a break an hour just before 5pm and Dad used that opportunity to go see Miss  Angel. I saw Miss Lucy having a heated conversation with Miss Ivy and it wasn’t looking good between them. I decided to go in and stay beside Jason as mom was nowhere to be found.
Jason and the rest of the wolves were busy teasing the Vampires that followed them inside and it wasn’t bad with them after all.
Soon, Dad returned with Miss Angel by his side and said it was time to do what was necessary. Dad seems to like Miss Angel more than any of his women, anyway, that was just my thoughts.
“Remember, work together and put aside any differences between you all, because that might be your saving grace. So are we ready to kick some arse?”
They all screamed yes
and off we went to the battle ground. Mom pulled me aside and told me not to engage my powers in battle. I nodded and jumped on Jason’s back after he transformed. He told me to hang on very tight Hearing him talk as a wolf was the creepiest thing ever. Mom was on Blake’s back and off we charged into the woods. Jason was running too fast, I had to close my eyes and waited till he stopped before I opened them. He stopped, so I decided to open them to discover that we were now on an open field. I jumped off Jason and remained by his Side as I watched Dad walk up slowly to see the number of enemies he was fighting against. The creatures were many and if Dad had gone on with the earlier plan of his, we would have been eaten raw.
” I see you have United with those weaklings and oh, you brought your only surviving child to battle, how wise of you, William.  ”     Anthea teased Dad but I was scared after what she said, how did she know I am Mr Richard’s daughter. So she knew all this while and I have been fooling myself that I was protecting myself, hiding from my father.
Dad Ignored her and instead closed his eyes and snapped his fingers, Twin bolt of lightening struck the ground at the other side of the field, killing two of those creatures instantly.
Anthea screamed and then clapped mockingly.
“Let’s get this party started, shall we? ” She said before unleashing a dark blanket around the whole field to make us blind to her attacks.  Dad replied in like fashion by causing a wind  to rise from the North. It blew with such ferocity and quickly cleared the field just in time for us to see the creatures approaching.
“Remember what we did back at the garden, no solo action. Make me proud, boys “Dad said as the wolves and the vampires tore into the battle while Dad and Anthea blasted each other with hot blue and black lightening. The battle had begun and I was lost in the middle of it, finding it hard to concentrate on one action.

To Be Continued…

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