Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 90

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Eighty Nine, read it HERE!!!

” Control your weight, Jack, goddammit!!!”  I screamed at the boy yet again, he seems to think this is a joke. This is war and there are no friends here. You work and execute your plans to victory but this crop of wolves don’t know that.
” Throw that fist properly! ” I screamed at Eric, I was becoming frustrated, this plan of mine isn’t gonna work. Even if they have the whole of my strength, these playful wolves of mine won’t cut it. Maybe, I should have just overlook principle and turn those vampires, I have already Lost this war before it even began.
” That’s too much. ” I told Angel who nearly rip out the lad’s arm. She has been very active since she knew about the war. She clearly wants revenge for what Anthea did but I don’t think she should be putting such anger on the wolves, besides she won’t last a minute in a fight with Anthea. That woman is far more powerful than she is credited.
I saw Taylor giggling after I yelled again. She is one beautiful woman, I still can’t believe I never knew she was my daughter until some days back. If what happened hadn’t taken place,  I might never have known, that’s the kind of vile, wicked women I have around me.
Back to training, I was getting irritated by the actions of these lads, they were just jumping around and laughing.  I am supposed to go into battle with these bunch and it seems Lucy was joining them in the fun. I know she is pissed at me but this is not the time for all these childish jokes of hers.
    I was getting more and more pissed and decided to call for a little talk when my phone rang. It was Ivy calling. What does she want  now.
” I am just outside the empty space you call home. ”
She said that and hung up. What’s with her anyway. I reluctantly went to the wall and performed the spell with everyone wondering where I was headed.
True to her words, she was outside with a little crowd with her. I managed to get them all in and wondered what she was doing here with her crew.
” What’s the meaning of this?”
I asked a little annoyed and she replied by kissing me on my lips, right in front of my mates!!  I didn’t know how to react, so I fixed  my gaze at everything else save for my mates. I didn’t want to see how they will look like right now.
Ivy later answered my questions and said she was here to help us win the war by merging her vampires with my wolves. I didn’t see the logic there since the vampires are even weaker than my wolves, so how could they possibly be of help.
Still, I decided to go on with her proposal because I felt we needed more numbers since I don’t know the exact number of those beasts and I thought these lazy wolves needed someone to remind them how it was actually done.
Angel didn’t like the fact I was actually listening to Ivy and walked out after I accepted Ivy’s proposal. I decided against going after her as I Didn’t want to look like a Kittycat in front of my wolves. I and Ivy taught our subjects how to tackle one of those things just in case they transformed to wolves. I supposed they might and so I used myself as the example and I can say to an extent, it worked but I wasn’t  entirely convinced. I was just one wolf, they might be hundreds out there and these scared little things could just throw away what they have learnt and do something else.
I allowed rest for about forty-five minutes while I used that space to go after Angel. I found her in the toilet crying.
” Don’t come any closer, or I swear I will hurt you. ”
” What’s wrong with you. Why are you acting like a kid? Can’t you see beyond just you and your interests. Here is a woman who is willing to die because she wants what’s good for her  subjects. She is cocky Alright and I know you aren’t happy about the kiss but I think this isn’t the time for these theatrics. It’s time to put away emotions and look at the bigger picture. You are my Luna, she isn’t and will never be. I don’t why you keep allowing her  get between your skin. ”
” So,  I am now the child here, right?Fine, there is something bigger but this isn’t over Richard. It’s far from over. ”
She said, standing up and washing her face.
” There is something I need you to do during the battle. I will telepathically tell you to tell Audrey to erect a wall when it’s time. ”
” What do you mean? ” She asked,  a little confused.
” Don’t ask questions, just do what I have asked of you. ”
I hugged her and we returned to the living room where the wolves were already set. They had transformed back to wolves after eating. They were up and running to go after my little speech and for once I hoped they will do well.
I decided against transforming and ran in my human form all the way to Nolan fields. A few months ago when I ran through this route felt like yesterday, then I was going against the man who killed my parents, now I am after his wife with their daughter beside me.
Soon, we arrived at the field and my oh my, Anthea was already there waiting for me. I saw Damien beside her and then it hit me that I didn’t see him with the Vampires a while ago. So, he has finally grow some balls. I searched for Luke but I didn’t see him.
Anthea’s army was divided into two,  a particular set had transformed into wolves who looked like normal werewolves but I knew they weren’t normal, while the other set were still in human form.
I smiled, Anthea was using my own strategy against me, nasty woman she is. She teased me after seeing Taylor with me. How she knew Taylor was my daughter still surprised me but then, hiding something like that from someone of her status is nearly impossible.
I decided to test my powers against her people just to be sure that  whatever  I have  in mind is gonna work. I targeted two of the wolves before closing my eyes and summoned lightening to strike them down. The lightening answered and did as I asked. Well, I guess Zeus doesn’t know what I have in store for  his daughter.
She mocked my efforts by slapping and then summoned a dark cloud to descend over us. I quickly summoned the Northeast wind to clear the field just in time for me to see she had sent her wolves against us first. I charged my crew and released them into battle while I went after my babies killer. I struck her with blue lightening and she replied in like fashion. Just like that, the war had begun.
Seeing how determined I was, she hid behind her foot soldiers and it was becoming really difficult for me to get my hands on her as I was fighting the beasts instead.
True to Anthea’s words, she made the wolves my match in strength, they were stronger than I thought and it took a lot from me before I could kill just three and they were many more.
Three of them came for me just after Anthea ran behind them. Just before I could summon lightening, one of them ran into me, disturbing my concentration. I tried to get him off but he was really strong. I was struggling badly because I had opened the bond that enabled my wolves take strength from me as soon as we left the house. The other two were fast approaching, I have to do something before they get here, else it might be a different story. I let my right hand free so that the beast will make an attempt to kill me by probably going for my heart with his free hand as he was on top of me. He did exactly as I thought and went for my heart but I was quicker than he was and blocked his approach. That distracted him for a second and I  quickly pushed him off me with the whole of my strength, ripping out his heart just after I threw him aside. The other two rushed forward but I was able to summon lightening just before they arrived and blasted them to smithereens.
I was breathing really hard after that little exploit of mine but then I noticed that no one was coming after me but instead, they were running ahead of me like they couldn’t see me. I looked towards where they were running and discovered that my wolves were their target.
They have probably seen through our plan and decided to attack in human form instead of wolf form which probably confused my wolves. I watched as one caught Jack and broke his left fore arm.He screamed and I felt his pain.
Shitt!!! This was going bad, if I don’t do something, I might not return home with anyone. Quickly, I told Angel to tell Audrey telepathically to draw the wall. Immediately, I saw my wolves and the remaining vampires retreating. They were running back as the beasts laughed and snarled at them. They soon stopped walking and hit an invisible wall. They tried to break their way and failed and then the whole of Anthea’s army turned on me. I couldn’t find Anthea and wondered where she went. I heard Angel screaming my name but I ignored her. It was time to carry out my plan. . This work will take a lot from me and if it doesn’t work, I might not live to tell my tale.
I waited and waited until they were close enough and then I stretched my arms and looked towards the heavens and summoned the lightening that has been cooking up in the storm that have been raging for the duration we have been fighting but I hid it away in the dark clouds. I summoned the lightening and it came down heavily on me. I released my myself to it and made myself a channel for it to spread through the creatures within the blast radius. The lightening ripped through me but I held my ground just enough for it to spread before I lost consciousness due to the pains.

To Be Continued…

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