Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 92

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Ninety One, read it HERE!!!

      The lightening tore through me without pity and I could have died if I wasn’t a god. I didn’t know the actual power of the lightening  up until now. The ones I got blasted with in Ollie’s cell is child’s play to what I just summoned. This couldn’t just me, I am dead sure Zeus had something to with that lightening. A pity though, if he knows  what I have in mind for his daughter, he wouldn’t have aided me in this battle. Well for the first time, I finally experienced what it means to be pulverized. The whole of my organs were completely burnt and finally I understood that it wasn’t my heart  that was keeping me alive, it’s the immortal spirit inside this body that is doing so. Anyway, I like this body and wouldn’t want it to be destroyed this way. When my heart started  beating again after it was fully healed and my lungs too, I opened my eyes to discover I was in the middle of a mass grave because of the number of bodies emitting steam.
I tried to get up but I couldn’t as my legs weren’t fully healed yet. Well, at least my wolves are no longer in danger as well as my mates.
I tried to move my waist  but it was of no use as all I could do was lay on the ground and stare into the stars. Was it written there tonight that I  will kill so many willing fools ready to die for cause of  a mad witch. I loved their courage and if I was just a regular Alpha, this battle would have been long lost and I could have possibly lost my life. I guess I discovered my powers just in time even if  Zeus didn’t want me to.
As I stared into the stars, images of my kids kept coming to my head and once again that rage, that has been pushing me to go this far came over me. The part where Anthea’s strange knife went through those innocent kids throat kept on playing and playing in my head. Soon, I was so consumed with rage, I managed to get up even my skin that was still burnt, I was stark Unclad but I didn’t care. All I could see were  my hands on Anthea’s neck, sniffing the life out of it. I dragged my body and began the search for her because I know the blast won’t kill her. Although I couldn’t be sure she got hit at all by the blast since I couldn’t find her before I summoned the lightening. But if she wasn’t affected by it, she would have finished what remained of my body minutes ago.
I looked around but I couldn’t find a moving body among the numerous ones on the field. I decided to listen for any heartbeat and still I couldn’t hear any. I was about to give up and return to my wolves when I heard a very weak heartbeat. I followed it to find a body covered in darkness and if it wasn’t for the fact I was sure someone was beneath it , I would have overlooked it.
I angrily reached into the darkness and pulled a body, it was unsurprisingly Anthea’s. Her clothes were still on and her skin flawless but her heartbeat was really weak coupled with the fact that she was breathing really hard.
She had just managed to protect herself just in time from the blast. This is my chance to end everything as the  one woman who felt she was invisible lay weak in front of me. This was the same woman who threatened to Fvck me right in this very field. The same woman who took the joy Nature decided to bless me with. The woman who started this endless cycle of ruin for me. The woman who took me from my first family and is partly responsible for why I didn’t know my daughter till some days ago. The woman who gave me this curse, Called werewolf.  The woman I was knew as a loving nymph, now she is the very definition of evil.
Oh how things change. I pulled her out and threw her on the floor where there was no steaming body. I was getting my strength back and my skin was healing really fast.
“So, this is… is how it all ends” She managed to say, spitting blood between the speech. I didn’t bother to reply her and I stood as the true Victor in this battle, ready to lay waste to the head of my enemy. As I  started the process of summoning the same lightening that nearly destroyed this mortal body of mine, I stopped and asked myself if Death is actually worth it for  this fearless woman. She didn’t look scared one bit and braced herself for what was to come.
No, Death will be too good for someone like her, I will show her what she couldn’t give my kids. I will have mercy on her, she is not the enemy but has been made to look so and she is even ready to die for the sins of others. No, I won’t allow that, besides, calling forth a similar lightening as the one before will completely destroy this body of mine beyond recovery. I don’t think she is worth such a sacrifice.
I stared at her for a while and then turned away from her, heading back for my family. What I just displayed to her will completely ruin her, that feeling of guilt will eat her up until she eventually takes her own life.
I had barely taken more than five strides when the sky rumbled with so much disturbance. Something was coming down from it, I could feel it. It felt like the entire lightening in the atmosphere was meeting at one point and then the lightening hurled towards this direction. What could be this powerful that needs such enormous amount of energy to break.
I knew this was Zeus at work and soon enough, the lightening descended in a slow stream of light. It was like the sky imploded and caused a nuclear reaction. The lightening landed on the field and the impact was massive. I was taken off my feet and after the god of the skies attacked the earth, the Lord of the underworld replied in like fashion and blasted through the hole, the powerful stream of light had just gone through black lightening that reached into the skies. It was like both gods were competing on who hurls the fiercest lightening bolt.
I managed to get back on my feet to continue my walk back to the wall and  wondered why the strange display of fireworks when I heard Anthea screaming with very energy in her.
“No….No….No…I won’t let you have him. He is mine and has always been mine. ”
What the Fvck is wrong with this woman now. I guess the effect of what I did was beginning to affect her faster than I thought. She continued screaming and so I decided to look back and my oh my, I was shocked to see Artemis in the flesh.
Oh my God!! She was on the ground just beside the hole where both gods threw powerful fire works moments ago.
I was shocked to my bones  and wondered how she made it out from the cell. Oh shitt! Stupid me… The last seal must have been mercy, and the lightening from Zeus was to break his daughter free from the cell.
I watched in awe as Ollie struggled to her feet and try to maintain balance. She finally did and started working towards me, smiling from ear to ear. Oh, she is beautiful, too beautiful to describe. A beautiful Devil, one that will pay for what she has  done to all of my families right from time.
She later started running and then jumped on me after she got really close. She was still putting on a green and brown Chiton which ended at her knees. Her feet were bare but beautiful all the same, Angel and Lucy will be so jealous when they see her.
“You did it just as you promised. You freed me!!!! ” she said, practically screaming. I managed a fake smile but our little reunion was cut short when we both heard Anthea screaming in pains. We looked towards her direction to see her slowly but painfully transforming to a werewolf. I was tempted to see how she will look like in her other form but I knew we might not survive the onslaught.
Quickly, I transformed to my wolf form, although the transformation was painful because some of the organs in my body haven’t properly healed.
“Jump on me and let’s get out of here. Trust me, you don’t want to be shooting arrows to something like that. ”
Artemis jumped on top of me as I started running towards the angle route that will lead us home. I have already telepathically told Jason to tell the rest to leave for the clearing. We were barely out of the fields when I heard the most gruesome howl I have ever  heard before. It was the same creepy howl I heard in my dream, just before my babies were killed.
The howl that had a snarl in it too. I picked up speed but the more I ran, the weaker I became. My body was breaking down due to not healing properly before I transformed. Still, I pushed on, knowing fully well that if I stop for any reason. I am a dead man.
Anthea’s wolf was fast gaining on us, I couldn’t see it but I knew it was really close. Thankfully, the other wolves got home before me, and kept the wall opened for me.
I saw the wall and Jason beckoning on me to hurry but I couldn’t. My legs were shaking and it was getting difficult to coordinate myself. Anthea was about to pounce on Ollie who was on top of me. She was already in midair when I managed to drag myself through the Wall. Jason quickly closed the wall and all we heard at the other side was the creepy howls of Anthea’s wolf.
As soon as I jumped into the passage, I dropped Ollie off me and collapsed to the ground as my body forced a transformation back to human form. The last thing I heard was Taylor screaming “Dad”.
Oh…. She made it, I smiled as I lost consciousness again.

To Be Continued…

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