Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 94

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Ninety Three, read it HERE!!!

I snapped my eyes opened and quickly closed them back due to the light in my bedroom. I was in my bedroom, I tried to get up and I did, remarkably well. I was  stronger than I usually am. I took my phone beside me and checked the date.
Today is 8th, Waoh! I have been out for four days, my body must have really be at breaking point. I didn’t eat all through the four days since I was unconscious but I am stronger even after I have eaten a bucket load of food. This must be Artemis, I must have been very weak and her emotions took over. She must have healed my body and in that way, used up all of her remaining godly powers. Fvck!!! I almost screamed, my plans couldn’t have gone any better. She is now plain human, although I could never take away her immortality but it’s just how I wanted it.
I went to the door and listened for any heartbeat but I couldn’t hear any closer to my room. I quickly went to the toilet,  to water closet. I removed the ceramic head where the flush plug-in was and took out a package in nylon. I tore it opened and removed some set of keys and a credit card. I covered it all up and again I listened for  any heartbeat but heard none close enough. I walked to the eastern window in my room that faced the woods and jumped down to the ground. I looked around, no one was outside, so I headed for the woods.
I knew Artemis would be in the woods, it’s the only place that has ever given her peace. It didn’t take too long for me to find her, she was at the lake. I saw her seated ashore, completely lost in her thoughts. I sneaked behind her back and tickled her. Her reaction almost killed me with laughter. The bittch dived straight into the lake out of fear or whatever. She came out when she heard my laughter.
” William, you are awake. What are you doing here, you should be resting. ”
” Nah, I am Alright. I came here to take you out. ” I said as I couldn’t help staring at her t.its. Sweet Lord! They were quite moderate but unnaturally firm. No plastic surgeon could pull something like this off.
” What do you mean, I like it here. ” She replied.
” I know, just come with me. ”
…. I am wet.” She said, but I just pulled her up in the bridal style and ran all the way to the garage. I dropped her close to her side of the car and jumped in at the other side. I expected her inside the car but she was busy squeezing water from her Chiton and looking around, probably wondering where I have gone.
Shitt!!! I forgot she is still getting used to all these. I got down and helped her in before anyone sees us. I strapped her in and got into the other side, starting the car and speeding off.
” What is this I am in? ” she asked, clearly confused.
” Um…. It’s what we use in moving ourselves around. The age of horses have long passed.”
I guess she knew, she just wanted to talk. When we got close to the wall, I kept the car on autopilot and started the spell. She looked at me weirdly all through as the wall opened and I drove off to the highway. I went straight for the closest boutique. I got down and helped her down. All eyes were on her as we walked into the store, some shameless ones even whistled. I couldn’t blame them, those t.its could make a priest think twice about his vows.
Artemis didn’t mind or she didn’t care. I couldn’t be sure but I knew something else was bothering her. I went to the women section and asked her to pick what she wanted. She looked at me like I just spoke in the devil’s tongue. I ignored her , got a tape and measured her. I picked up wears for her and shoes too. I gave  her a cream pant and a top, of  course after I have given  her a bra first. Once again, she just stared at me. What the Fvck is wrong with this woman?
I pulled her into me and walked her to one of those changing rooms. The girl in charge was telling me I couldn’t follow Artemis in and blah, blah. When I threatened to return what I have picked since I haven’t paid for them, she kept quiet.
In front of a mirror, I started unfastening her Chiton. Oh…. Her skin, those t.its, I stopped, closed my eyes for a few seconds and breathed in very deep. I opened my eyes and pretended like I didn’t see the naughty grin on her face. I started by putting ion her bra before her panties. The surprising thing was that she didn’t object when I had my hands on her Unclad body, guess she knows I am the only human to have seen her like this, so no fuss,or probably she must have been watching some naughty programs which might explain why she was giving me some annoying looks. I ignored her and continued helping her dress. The pant was a little tight when we got to her butt and the fold it made when the pant was  helm of those two cups. Holy Shitt!!! I breathed in deep again and push the damn pant up. I helped her in putting the high-tops on her legs.
Finally, we were done, I showed her, her view and she seemed to like it even though she didn’t utter a word. I paid for the goods and we drove off to  another part of town where I had gotten a house for her. The house was big but no where as big as mine.  I  pressed the the required codes just outside the house. The gates opened and I drove in, packed the car in the garage. We got down and I carried the goods inside while Ollie was more interested in her new house.
As soon as we got inside, Ollie  drew me to her and kissed me very passionately. I knew it, this woman must have been seeing some adult movies, I mean who taught her to kiss like this. I opened my mouth and kissed her back.
Suddenly, she stopped, moved back and there was this look of shock on her face.
What’s with her now,
” My powers, I felt….. Felt them inside you just now. That shouldn’t be, it was never in you… It…… ”
“……. was inside Anthea. I know, I took them from her and made sure you have no powers, that’s why I forced you to heal me.”
” So, that means you slept with her”
I nodded, Ollie went mad after hearing that and came for me, she  throw me across the room. Waoh! She is still fvcking strong for someone without her powers.
“You are mine, not hers. So, you betrayed me for her. You chose her over me. ”
Ollie kept screaming.
” I didn’t choose anyone, I hate you both with unwavering passion. I took your powers from her since she didn’t even  know she had them. I wanted to punish you for all the lies and lives you have cost me. You have taken too much from me and those innocent kids was the breaking point. I want you to know how it feels to be human without any godly powers. I want you to experience all the good and bad of being human and maybe, just maybe your desire to kill anyone that pisses you off will come down . I have no interest in your powers and when I feel you have learnt enough, I will give them back but for now, you are at my mercy, mate. ”
Her nose flared and her eyes went completely black but I didn’t care.
” My father will come for you, he will destroy you. ” She warned. I walked up to her,
” I know and honestly I don’t care. He can come but I will gladly die knowing I bested not just you again but the almighty Zeus.”
I said and went for her lips. I kissed her very deeply and surprisingly she returned the gesture with even greater zeal . I bit her lower lip and blood came out, I bit mine too and returned back to kissing her. Making sure we both swallowed each other’s blood.
” We have always meant to be mates but somehow, we end up twisting our fates. Have fun getting used to being human. ”
I chuckled and walked out of the room.
” You know I will come for you will all the forces of Olympus, why are you bent on doing this? “I heard her say.
” Victory against the whole of Olympus won’t be so bad. ”
I replied but deep down, I knew I would lose shamefully but right now, I didn’t care.
I got in and drove back home to find all my wolves, vampires and family waiting for me. As soon as I came down from the car, Taylor ran to me and kissed me fully on the lips. What the Fvck!!!
” I am so glad you are alive.” She said after surprising everyone with what she just did. She didn’t seem to care, I guess she has always  wanted to do this. Thankfully, I  washed my mouth before coming home, else she would have involved herself in what’s not her business, crazy kid.

To Be Continued…

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