Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 96

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Ninety Five, read it HERE!!!

“Hello everyone, Someone is dying here. My father’s skin is peeling off. ” I screamed. The strange woman looked down after  I screamed and said,
” You must be Williams Daughter. I will never forget those blue eyes that saw what they shouldn’t have . ”
“…… Yeah, .. Whatever, I don’t care about that. My Dad is dying here, we can get along later.” I said, cutting her off.
She didn’t like that one bit and  she raised her brows in a strange manner before saying,
“You will mind your words, young woman else I will return you  to the underworld where you truly belong. ”
I had goosebumps all over my  body after she said that. I kept my mouth shut and remained firmly on my knees.
She walked gracefully to where Dad was and touched him after which she bit her lower lip in a kinda Sekxy way. She snapped her fingers and the hold went off. She asked for Dad to be taken inside and Jason didn’t waste any second obliging. He had transformed back to human and was putting on  a short. When did he change? Anyway, he carried Dad inside the house and we all ran in along with him. Jason laid him on the couch and the strange woman walked up to where Dad was. Everyone gave way  for her to walk through, I chuckled and shook my head. Just because she possessed magic and can do something Dad could, she is suddenly a super star. She suddenly stopped her walk, turned slowly and faced me, eyes blazing. Actually her eyes went black and she had a scowl on her face, shitt, she looked so scary now. She looked towards my direction and said,
” Mock me one time and I will turn into a stag and make sure one of these dogs tear you limb from limb, preferably, your lover.”
Damn!!! She can read minds too. I decided to let her go and watched her caress Dad’s skin which didn’t bode well with Miss Angel or Miss Lucy. They didn’t hide their scowl and I feared they might anger the strange woman and well… They did.
“You are Anthea’s daughter, aren’t you? ” She suddenly asked, starring at Miss Lucy.
Miss Lucy didn’t answer and just rolled her eyes, which made the woman mad. Her nose flared and the next thing I heard was Miss Lucy screaming as she started transforming forcefully. She was crying and I knew the pain must be excruciating. This woman was causing this just by looking at her, shitt, I don’t what to know what else she could  do. Everyone kept quiet and the vampires retreated even further from the woman.
” Good Artemis, please spare her and forgive her naivety, she is only but a child.  “I heard mum say, kneeling while saying so. Artemis, the goddess. This is crazy, so these gods are real, Holy shitt!!! She is even more powerful than Dad, in fact, Dad is no where near her when it comes to power. Oh mehn!!! Miss Lucy just made a huge mistake disrespecting her, I hear the woman hardly forgives.
She didn’t act like someone just spoke to her, totally ignoring mum. Miss Lucy kept screaming because her head kept transforming back and forth from wolf to human, making the bones break and expand and then break again while it contracts. The experience must have been horrible because the woman continued with caressing Dad’s skin before placing her hands on his heart, ignoring the screaming mate.
I felt powerful magic moving from her to Dad, and it continued like that for about twenty minutes. After which she looked completely spent. She told us to take Dad somewhere warmer and then left without another word to the woods.
All this time, Miss Lucy was screaming in pains unimaginable, she released Miss Lucy before leaving, looking at herself with so much hatred. I swear I don’t want to get in the way of this woman. I ran towards Miss Lucy after she had been released but before I could get to her, she had passed out. I guess the woman prevented her from doing so for good twenty-five minutes and she wasn’t focusing on her. I called for Blake to help carry Miss Lucy to her room while Jason and some vampires Carried off Dad to his room after he was properly covered. Wait a minute!, Dad was actually Unclad when the woman was……
That means she must have seen his………… Hmm, anyway, I guess her and Dad have something together but I read that Artemis hates men, why would she have anything to do with Dad? But who could resist Dad, not sure there is any woman on this planet who can say no to him.
Anyway, no one ever saw Artemis again after that day and no one was bold enough to go check on her in the woods. The next three days saw me beside Dad with the rest of the crew checking on him every now and then. Miss Angel and Miss Lucy took took turns washing him and dressing him as he remained unconscious. Once I offered to help too and both woman shot me some glare, I didn’t ask again, but wait, what was I thinking when I asked that question.
On the fourth day on Dad’s Unconsciousness, I woke up late beside Jason and quickly ran out to see Dad. It was past ten in the morning, I opened the door to find an empty bed. Waoh! He is finally up I guess, I looked into the bathroom but it was empty. I checked round the room and found one of the windows opened. I immediately raised an alarm and I was told that Dad left the house not quite long  ago with the strange woman in his Rover.
He finally wakes and the first thing he does is run to that wicked thing. I am so disappointed in his actions but I hoped he returns in one piece because I didn’t trust that one woman one bit.
The vampires were still much around and I wondered why, the war was over and reports reached us that Anthea was no where to be found, so what are they still doing here?
At about few minutes before two in the afternoon, we all heard the sound of a roaring engine, I quickly ran outside to see that it was Dad’s Rover and he was alone. The strange woman was  gone, hurray!
Seeing us outside, he parked the car in the middle of the driveway and came down from the it, looking more radiant and handsome like never before. Gosh!!! He is perfection in every way. I couldn’t help myself anymore and so I ran up to him and kissed him fully on the lips without a Care in the world. He was stunned after I parted lips with him and just smiled after I asked how he was standing without haven eaten nothing for the last four days.
He held me by the waist and threw me up, yes!!! I screamed, my Dad is back.

To Be Continued…

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