Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 97

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Ninety Six, read it HERE!!!

“All you have to do is listen.” Richard said, smacking as well. What does he have in mind? I know he can’t kill me, he isn’t that strong enough yet. I nodded and did as he asked – I listened.
“Artemis’s powers are inside of you, although I am still surprised you didn’t know this all along. Anyway, I am gonna take it from you in my own way. I have plans for Artemis but before we go into that. I want you to follow my plans carefully, now this is what you will do:
You will merge the two creatures in one as you intended earlier. I need you to do this because I need to unleash my rage that day before it eats me up.
You will come for me with every intent to kill me but make sure you hide from me because what I will unleash on that day will surely destroy this beautiful body of yours if you are too close to me.
I will find you after releasing my rage but instead of killing you, I will have genuine mercy for you which will likely free Artemis. You will pretend to go berserk and transform to your wolf and run after us in an attempt to get at Artemis but make sure you calculate your risk properly, I don’t want anything to go wrong on that day.
After then, you are to leave this region, go somewhere far away and do well to cloak yourself because I know that what I am about to do will upset the very foundations of Olympus and they will surely reply. I don’t want you Involved in the crossfire, I want to do this alone. Do not call me, do not use any magic to try and talk to me. Just stay away from me. Is this Alright by you? ”
I didn’t know how I was supposed to reply, his plans are sure crazy, I mean the one concerning Artemis but trying to upset Olympus is not only insane but nuts.
Well, what do I know? Since Williams discovered he is the reincarnation of my beloved, Acheson, he has been behaving weirdly. I know he will set his eyes on Artemis as he once did but going beyond her and targeting Olympus is tad too much for him. He will surely lose.
I nodded and then he smiled. He stood from his chair and started pulling off his clothes, what’s he doing now? Oh… ” I will take her powers from you in my own way.” Shitt… Oh my God, he plans to sleep with me.
After he was down to his pants, he walked into the spell and without much ado, he went for my lips. I didn’t know what to do; back down since he already fvcked my daughter or give in as I have been dreaming of this day for far too long and I don’t know if I will ever see him again.
I went for the later and opened my mouth to his prying tongue. Oh… The touch to my tongue sent shivers down my spine. The tingle became fiery hot and I went in deeper into his mouth, fighting for a losing battle. Apparently, he was more passionate and won the battle of the tongue.
As we kissed, his hands were busy unzipping the gown I was on. He pulled the gown off me to reveal just parties, I wasn’t wearing a bra which shocked him. I have never liked bras and I seldom put them on. The sight of my ample t.its brought out the beast in him and he went for them like a man without food for weeks. He sucked each Tip before playing with them with his tongue, biting them at intervals. I moaned very loud and was almost screaming, his touch brought unusual tingles all over my body, it was certain he was using magic. Creative, I love that.
Soon he got tired of my t.its and rolled his tongue till he got to my panties. I was tired of standing and wanted to lie down, wondering why he wouldn’t take it to the bed but he stopped me from going down. I tried and he stopped me again, what was wrong with him. Then it hit me:
He wanted to pull out Artemis’s powers from me within a confined space, a place between worlds where Zeus wouldn’t be able to do anything to him and where only one person’s power will work – Richard’s.
Waoh!!! This was quite brilliant from Richard, I never knew he had such in him. Well, he was once the best hunter who defeated Artemis countless times.
He sucked my v.agina through my panties which I actually thought was a bit naughty of him. He did that for a few minutes before finally deciding to remove them. He parted my legs a little and went under my hole. He pulled me down a little, brought out his tongue and asked me to sit on it. I obeyed and when his tongue went straight into my hole, and danced around it a little, I couldn’t help it, I spilled right on his face.I was shy and quickly attempted to stand up but he held my thighs firmly and continued his work, asking me to relax. I tried but it wasn’t as easy as he said because once again after hitting my clit several times, I spilled. This time, I didn’t stand up but instead allowed the fluid to run all over his beautiful face.
He still wasn’t satisfied and so I decided to return the favour by doing a lollipop on his stick but he prevented me from doing so and I wondered why.
I still didn’t know how he was able to squeeze himself into the tiny circle, lying down. Just as I was about to spill again with my thighs shaking in anticipation of my release, he suddenly stopped, stood up and carried my right leg on his shoulders, slotting in his stick.
He went in slowly in a repeated boring pattern before slamming his entire length into me several times. I was getting irritated by this repeated acts of his and wondered if that’s how he Fvcks his women.
But then, it occurred to me that probably he was carrying out a spell because soon I felt weak and my other leg almost gave way but he held me and put my two legs around his waist before he started ripping my hole apart.
It was like he was dead earlier and Suddenly he came alive, he went in and out so fast, I was unable to count this time. My hole being wet aided his movement and soon we were both moaning and screaming in passion. I locked lips with him as moans became mumbles and then he released inside of me. His knees buckled as he poured his essence into me and like every man in that state, he fell to his knees with our lips still locked.
Damn!!! I just fvcked my daughter’s mate and I don’t feel remorseful about it. Breathing hard, he said once again, “Run and never return to this town. You are not my enemy but I will never forget what you did – killing my babies. He closed his eyes and slept off, and for some reason I felt lighter than before. He must have taken Artemis powers.

To Be Continued…

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