Written by Solomon Brown (Jamesbrowney64@gmail.com)… If you missed part Ninety Eight, read it HERE!!!

“……… The sun is so beautiful, Falling down like a waterfall… I wish you could always be forever a part of me and it’s so unbelievable to finally be in love, somewhere I thought had never be…. ”
Listening to Craig David unbelievable in one of the restaurants in town as these funny humans celebrate a day they call Valentine, reminded me of the time that I would sing and dance with my Maidens.
Well, that has been taken away from me because of a bloody egocentric bastard who thinks he is my lord.
It’s been four years now since he freed me but still he says I am not yet due. For the late six months, he has barely visited me or finds an excuse not to. I have tried to lure him into one of my many traps but he is always one step ahead of me. Today, I sent him a text to come meet me here to celebrate.
I know he won’t come but I just wanted to try, at least, they say there is no harm in doing so. It’s been an hour since he should be here but there is no sign of him. I have ignored or scream at other dumb heads who have decided to come take his place but they never seem to learn and keep coming back.
When I thought I had enough from them, He walked in. In his usual proud manner and just a Stare from him sent the last pervert running away from Williams seat. He smiled and took his seat. He held my hands and kissed them before ordering for  wine.
” The hatred you have for me is so thick, I can actually sense it from here. Still, you invited me on a day one should be with the one she loves. So, why me? ” He asked.
What nerves! I so hate his guts,
” I want my powers back.”
He smiled and payed for the wine before walking out on me. What!!! A mere mortal doing that to me? With everyone looking weirdly at me, I carried my bag and went after him. He went to the alley behind the restaurant and I wondered what he was doing there.
“You are not ready for that. ” He said before going for my lips and shamelessly,  I opened up to him. I moaned and Suddenly I regained my senses and hit him on the face after disengaging from him.
” You have no right to keep what belongs to me. ” I screamed at him.
“Oh… I have every right to”  he replied, smacking.
” Who made you……. ”
“….. Judge over that, is what I presume you wanted to say, right.?”
A voice said, cutting me off. We both looked towards where the voice came from and a man in an expensive tuxedo appeared from the dark.
Handsome was an understatement one could used in describing   him. He was tall, at least taller than Richard. He had the same nose as me and same eyes. His hair was jet black and there was this black lines around his eyes.
” And who the Fvck are you? ” Richard asked, rather rudely.
The strange fellow grinned and said, ” I am called the voice of prophecy, or the pervert that won’t leave women alone but I am mostly addressed as Apollo, the god of Light.”
My knees gave me as I crumbled to the ground… My brother is here, meaning that the full force of Olympus has come for me…. Oh no, I warned this fool, I warned him.


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