Must Read: The Life Of Abagnale… Part 3


A story written by Midday Writer

The meeting with Alice did not go as planned but it was worth it she had insisted they talked over dinner she had started coming up with the issue of a proper relationship, but Frank would have none of that he was into this for the benefits only so no string attached. He had finally gotten the details to her which she agreed to check through and give him feedback later that night. He checked his time 10:35pm, he had promised his mum that he will come to visit her today but all through the day he had been preoccupied he decided to retire back to his suite since the day was already far gone and he hated moving at night Just then a text came through from Alice he slowed down a bit as he picked up his phone to read the message “FRANK COME OVER TO MY PLACE RIGHT THIS MOMENT YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS”……

The atmosphere was all party, loud music in the background as girls with bikini walked about with cups in their hand exotic cars were packed everywhere. The presence of rich people could be felt in the air Immediately Benjamin came down from the Bmw x5 he knew this was gonna be a not too easy mission he had to put himself together  “what’s your status?”  Chinerdu the tech guy asked him through the Spy Ear bud from a bus packed some distance away “Expensive party, rich people, High security plus a bunch of half-Unclad girls walking around” he answered back through his smart watch “ohhhhh Shtt can we swap jobs in this mission?” chinerdu joked “Fork you just stay in your van and do your Job” Ben barked back “hey don’t go all craa on me big guy only suggesting” Chinerdu spoke back in defense.  Ben headed to the Entrance to the main building briefcase in hand he was stopped at the gate by two bouncers “What’s your mission her Mr.” one of the fence tall Bouncer asked him “am here for the Ox” , ben replied the two bouncers looked at each other “is he expecting you? “The other bouncer who was darker asked “yes just tell him the guy from Senator Rotimi is here” ben replied “wait here” the first bouncer told him he brought out his phone dialed a number spoke in low tone then turn towards the other bouncer “bahath lah” ben was searched and scanned with a metal detector and then ushered inside if ben thought the party outside was crazy, he was yet to see nothing because inside here the girls were totally Unclad as they danced on strip poles while the men there bath

them with money he tried making out faces but the red light did not allow for such he was taken into a hallway where he believed to be the accommodation section as he walked past the hallway he could hear moans from different direction mad party indeed he finally got the suite where Malik  is in SUITE 86 he took that into his brain. Just like he was been expected the door was opened by a beautiful young girl wearing nothing but her panties as her firm young Bosom were exposed in all their glory to ben’s eyes she looked nothing older than 18 but that was the not his problem the plan was simple He was sent here by senator

Friday Rotimi for some business transaction all he had to do was get him to talk about Friday’s involvement in dirty dealings Chinerdu was there to pick up the voice for evidence and boom both Rotimi and Malik were busted he entered into the room. The setting was kind of plain like a home office settings Malik stood by the window wearing a robe taking a view of the city at night the girl who opened the door for him now had a towel wrapped around her body as she picked up her shoe, bag and other piece of clothing to leaving the room

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 29, 2016 — 9:48 pm

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