Must Read: The Life Of Abagnale… Part 4


A story written by Midday Writer

“Funny is it not? How one moment a female shows you her nakedness and the next she is shielding it away from you have a seat” ben nodded his head as he sat down on a chair nearby for a man of his caliber Malik looked way too cool for the things said about him a handsome very slim light skinned Lebanon man “So Rotimi sent you right, how is he doing?” He was doing great when i left him “Hmmmmm Malik rubbed his chin so what does he wants this time?” “Let’s start with what i want, can i have vodka?” Ben needed some alcohol to boost his confidence up “i see so Friday decided to send the drunkard” he picked up his phone “Suite 86 one bottle of sky vodka and a bucket of ice plus a hot towel” what the Fork does he need a towel for? In no time room service had delivered what was requested “so can we talk about what that potbellied pig wants?” Ben poured himself a glassful took a sip and relaxed a bit “he wants you to help him transfer some funds” Malik rubbed his chin one more time that action of his was becoming annoying “how much are we looking at?” Ben opened the briefcase and brought out some documents “30 percent of the nation’s budget let’s say about quad a trillion dollars” that amount must have triggered something in Malik because he had this concentrated look on his face “i think we have to do this in the old manner”  Ben had no idea what that meant but he hoped chinerdu is getting this on recording  his job here is about to be done ” The old fashioned way, Rotimi never told me about that” Malik smiled to himself as he stood up from his sit and assumed the position he was in when Ben entered “Normally i eliminate all threats but today am celebrating so Officer Ben tell me what do you intend to find out?”.  The vodka went hot in his mouth how the Fork did his cover get compromised? “You look surprise you know being in this line of trade requires a lot of connection did the chief not tell you about how smart i am” Anger ran in ben’s vein that bloody murderfucker  just set him up “He told me you will be smart and truth be told you are smart but not half as i expected  Good night officer” that was the last thing Ben heard before he felt a sharp pain in his head then blackout!!!!…..


Frank could not believe his luck, when he first opened the E banking account all he saw was just 4million naira but now Alice just showed him that the account had about 4 domiciliary account linked to it all containing mad funds he dialed Kunle’s  number he needed to get tayo off this job ***phone line rings***

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 30, 2016 — 3:28 pm

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