A story written by Midday Writer

Chinerdu had discovered something fishy he knew something was wrong somewhere when he left the principal offuce he had been in the bus playing grandtheft while keeping the recording from Ben’s smartwatch on when he got a call from the cheif to return back to the headquater that night he had tried making the cheif cheif see reasons but an order was an order he tried reaching Ben through his ear bud but all he got was scrammbled reply like the bud had been placed in water his suspiction had furthermore been agitatted when he returned only to meet another different team entirely who took over all the equipmenmt from him asking him to go home that his work there was done going to the cheif’s office the next moening did not yield any result as the cheif stated that Ben is currently on vacation in Huwai but the ben which Chinerdu knew would not do anuthing without inviting his guys over for a drink or two and also how early did he fly out of the country something was amiss he had to get his hand on that recording Asking how he wanted to do it is a dumb question For christ Sake he is chiNERDu for a Reason……

Ben felt his life totally leaving him he had been kept hostage starpped to a chair  for the past 3 days according to his guess the room was so dark that he could not make out night or day now all he had to eat was some loaf of bread and water the previous day the only people keeeping him company were those two bouncers he had ,met that nioght at the party who took turn dishing out all form of punishment on him the light was turned on and he saw a very familiar figure in front of him that bastard malik he had on a white shirt it looked really good on him “hello mr ben how are you enjoying your company here” ben had think lookm of the devil on and that made malik laugh another chair was brought into the room Malik sat facing Ben “Officer am sorry about your present situation but you have to understand something there are some people you just cant beat even God who has all the power still pay blind eye to somethings that happen to good people” Malik got a text message he quickly checked his phone “what do you want with me?” Malik had been waiting for that question for so long even though ben thought he knew the story(or did he not) he still asked “and whats my business with the budget?” “i have a whole lot of politicians looking up to me they have always had one problem You since you discovered your superpowers as a crime fighter you had been disturbing there i got the news while in Lebanon” malik slowed down and stared deep into Bens eyes “this is how it works The government loots money transfer to my account i purchase arms with it sell to the talibans and other islamic terrrorist ground thereby making profit for myself after i retiurn the money and gaining respect for myself James ijobi,Jonah Madueke,Alhaji ibrahim Bademosa all where good pathners before you put them behind bars” Malik kept silent again this time rubbing his chin “so this is revenge right?” Ben asked trying to gather more intel “if it was for revenge your drink would not have been spiked it would have been poisoned and also you have done me no harm so why kill you lemme explain to you” malik drew closer to Ben like he wanted to kiss him “In less that 15 hours the budget will be signed and all the funds will be allocated you should know the rest story oe lemme break it down if there is any diversion of funds who will be the first to discover dear smart Benjamin so i had to get hold of you first although i have not made up my mind on  what to do with you ” Ben just got the full picture he had to escape one way or another Jack baeur style….

To Be Continued…

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