Must Read: The Life Of Abagnale… Part 7


A story written by Midday Writer

Frank had been having sleepless nights after what he saw who ever owned that bank account was a very connected crook because the transfer history contained funds coming and going to Top Millitary personal,Senetors,State governors and other top men in the economy right this moment frankl had just two option he either ditch the job which was impossible or he could carry out with the transfer and get himslef into some really bad Shtt he called alice her phone was not switched off he called Kunle same he was depressed he needed some kush to relieve himself he grabbed his cary keys and closed his hotel room he was going to shitta that night his dealer there had really good stuffs as he opened the door to his mercedez benz e63 he discovered a noote hanged on the wiper he looked around to see if anyone was watching but everybody were too busy with there various business to notice him he picked the note to read it “The ones you love the most will suffer if you keep doing this” just then he felt a cold hand on his neck he turned almost immidiately “Did i scare you dear?” Jane asked from the look on his face you could tell Franks ghost ha left him since it was just his body standing there “You scared me to death” “you see guilty concense you will be eating other people..” Frank did not even allow her finish the statement he attacked her lips with his they kissed like they were trying to find something in each others mouth “Darling i have missed you” frank said after disengaging from the kiss “so where are you heading?” “am actually going to get some stuffs in surulere coming along?” jane gave it a quick thought “no you can go alone i will be waiting for you” frank gave her the keys kissed her one more time this time a quick short kiss “stay safe and come back home on time” jane was sure he did not hear him because before she could finsh her statement frank had zoomed off Frank could be crazy like that but Lord knows She love him with her heart…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 1, 2016 — 9:25 am

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