A story written by Midday Writer

Frank woke up to the sound of his phone ringing he must have slept too far he was not to blame after much smoking and S£x with jane last night he deserved it
he answered the phone it was alice “Hello sleepy head am at work and you are still sleeping” frank looked at jane she was still fast asleep he planted a kiss on her cheeck as he stood up and headed to the toilet to discuss with alice”sorry about that so whats the update” So since you have not decided to cashout my number is just a figure on your phone?” “Alice its not like that see my nature of job does not permit a serious relationship” Frank lied trying to calm alice down “Frank Yourlaptop is busy beeping here ohhhhhhh ” Jane screamed from the room “who was that?” alice asked “sorry alice i have to go call you later bye” Frank hung up as he made out of the toilet “who were you talking to in there? Your laptop has been beeping since the sound was even what woke me up” Jane said as she packed her hair to the back Frank went over to the laptop today was monday so he expected all sort of messages coming into different box but he had about 6 notification from that tayo’s transaction he open it up while waiting for it to load he watched jane as she got dressed “wont you take your bath? dirty girl” jane paid no attention to him she just continued dressing up The page had already loaded the alert was from one of the domiciliaryattached to the account  it was a failed transaction someone was trying to transfer 2 million dollars to a bank in Germany but the transaction was unsuccessfull he clicked on the details of transaction to see where it was made from one to check the ip and discover it was same as the bank Alice works in THAT Bytch

Ben discovered the more vibration to the chair the rope used in holding his hands together became more lossened he had a plan “hey Shtt head” he called out to one of the bouncers i bet you cant hit me as hard as your brother both guys looked at themself with a puzzled look then the one he called walked up to him and gave him a punch This was the only way and ben was ready to take the risk “thats like a 5 year old punch” hey big guy he said to the other bouncer canyou top that the other bouncer approached him rubbing his fist with an evil smile on his face he threw his first landing a fatal puch to Bens face 

To Be Continued…

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