Must Read: The Life Of Abagnale


A story written by Midday Writer

This was the last chance he had to bolt from this place it was either he got killed, or go to jail he scaled the fence which normally he won’t be able to jump over He landed on muddy ground The airmax he had on really served its purpose he had to keep running he quickly scanned his environment for another route to take he saw two paths he took the one to his right he ran as fast as his legs could carry but the bag was weighing him down he either ditched it or get caught he had come a long way to allow such a huge sum go to waste but he had also lived a long time to die this way that was a hard decision to take it was actually the first time that Abagnale had his mind twisted….

Couple of Months before

The setting was a typical hotel suite. On the wall hung a huge portrait of Con legend FRANK ABAGNALE on the bed laid two Unclad girls sleeping, tired from Sekxual exhaustion beside the bed laid a small fridge from the settings, you needed no one to tell you the occupant had made this place a home for himself. Sitting on a reading chair on one end of the room was Frank as he lit himself another Weed he was virtually living the life he dreamt of he had almost everything he needed girls for his Joystick, weed for his brain, cars to go wherever he wants, him mom is living in a 6 bedroom apartment in banana island. What more could a 23 year old dude ask for he would have moved to his house in Egbeda but after the last time he got busted and his lekki home was seized, he had been extra careful about living in his own property that explains him living in a suite for almost a year now Frank had been your normal every day computer science graduate looking for a 35k 9-5 work but his perspective took a turn after watching the movie “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN” he had the dream of being the new age Abaganale but this time adding a new spice to it “THE INTERNET” frank was what you call Yahoo boy, wire wire boy,G-boy etc. but he believed he was none of that he was just a hungry cat eating mice’s since that was what they were created for he got a call on his iphone6s Kunle was calling now Kunle was one of the few friends of his that had gradually become family it was Kunle who had been his guide since he stepped into the line…

Frank: Hello K what’s up

Kunle: Brother i just dey chill what’s your ip location Na?

Frank: i still dey dat PPN (pay per night their slang for Hotels and suite)

Kunle: Bad guy!! Frank e get one job wey tayo get ohhhhh

Frank: So how far him need haza to run am?

Kunle: No me i dey reason make him forward am give you to run you know say oil dey your head

Frank: Oya forward am come i dey online like this

Kunle: But yawa dey ohhhhh Na local first bank for that matter.

Frank hated running anything involving the country Nigeria it involved a lot of stress because he had to first start a relationship with a cashier in the bank before anything can go down but since it was first bank Alice is the person for the job

Frank: Ok Na no yawa just paste me

Kunle: so how far percentage matter wetin make i yarn am?

Frank: normal 60 40

Kunle: ok i go paste you now…

To Be Continued…

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