Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers… Part 12


A Story written by Best…


I was hit by the man on my right, he used mighty head to hit me,  he head is second version of Victor’s own just that his own is a mature mighty head.
Assuming that was not a enough,  the pastor ask the members to bring me to their altar that I need deliverance.
I started asking myself, what is deliverance do I need now, I was hit by a member in the Church, all what the pastots could say Is that I need deliverance.
I was brought to the altar, so the pastor starts his prayers.
His put his hands on my head and start to pray my saying, any man any woman that is controlinge the boys you that man you that woman you are wicked die BY fire!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!,!.
He push me with his hand but I was determine not to fall, he push me again, I didn’t fall.
And he start by saying you this stubborn spirits, you are proven stubborn, he push me the third time, this time he put his leg on back of my foot , without me knowing, and I fell down, all the member in the Church started praying for me, including faith.

Around 8:00pm the Church was over, I didn’t even speak to faith when we are going home, I was very angry.
Now I know that “the love of p—y is the beginning of man’s suffering”.
When I got home, I started thinking. Because of I want too bleep faith that’s why I am suffering like this.
I swear she no go escape me I said too my self and went too sleep.

About 6:40am, i did my normal routine and went too school.
When I got to the gate the assembly has already started, I just join them without wasting time.
20 minutes later the assambly was over so we went to our various classes.

The rest class section was in uneventful.

About 3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell I went too meet Daniel out side to tell about my experience.
I went outside, I saw him he was sitting alone so I walk up too him.
Guy afa na, I said too him
Baba I dey ooo,  but you no go believed watin happened yesterday ooo.
Watin , I ask
Omo Deborah find me come house yesterday oo,  I bleep am like mad .
Guy your own better if I tell my experience yesterday you go pity for me.
Watin happened.
Omo when Cynthia come my house yesterday, you know say I say I go use the opportunity bleep am.
Yes I remember.
Guy watin  my see yesterday, no be small ooo, guy I don suffer.
See abeg talk jor no dey tell me parables.

( I told him all what happened, including the part when the pastor called me a stubborn spirit.,)

After I finished telling him my experience, Daniel was already in the floor laughing like a mad man.
Guy you done suffer, because say you won bleep Faith na e make you dey go through all this things chai p—y don’t show you things, but I go advice you make you plan something fast make you bleep am sharp sharp, unless  say you won die.
Na true you talk oo, because me don tired for this rubbish oooo.
As I was busy talking too Daniel,  faith walk up too us.
Guys afa,  she says.
We are fyn, we both replied.
By the way uche today is the  third day of the program, she says and walk away.
Chai my own don finish, see watin p—y land me into.

Chai  P—y na b—–d

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 22, 2016 — 8:08 pm

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