Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers… Part 13


A Story written by Best…


On Wednesday and Thursday i followed faith to church, but it was not as bad as the first day.
On Friday I was already in school, I plane on having my revenge on faith tomorrow because tomorrow is Valentine day.
Rumor has it that about 60 percent of girls are going to be bangs,( abi guys I lie?)so I don’t want faith to be an exemption, I went too meet Daniel to update him about my plan.

Guy afa, I said too him.
Baba I dey ooooo.
E get one plane way I one use for faith.
Okay make I hear am.
You know say tomorrow na Valentine
Yes I know na.
I  go invite am make say e get one gift way I buy for her, say make she come collect am for my house.
Hmmmmm the plane make, but you sure say she go gree come.
Guy I go persuade am, I go just fabricate any story, I go make sure say I bleep am, and nothing go stop me.
Hmmmm that’s the spirit.
Okay make I go meet her.

By the way we are already in break time.
I saw her outside, she was sitting with her class mate, so I walk up too her.
Good morning girls I said too them.(like an innocent child).
Morning they both replied but I could see surprised in the girl face.
Faith can I talk too you for moment.
She stand up and we walk 10 meters away from her friend.
So I said too her.
you know that tomorrow is Valentine, so how are spending it, I said too her.
Hmmm I don’t know but we can spend it in the church,She replied.
Okay  you are right, but there is this gift I bought for you, I want  you to  come  too my house and collect it, so that we would be able to spent sometime together.
Is that necessary, why didn’t you bring the gift too school when you are coming.
I forgot, so please come too my house, why are you even afraid too come too my house. ( I ask her like an innocent boy.)
Okay I will come too your house tomorrow,  so what time should i come.
Around 12:00pm by then I will be free.( in my mind I mean I will be prepared.)
I left her and went too meet Daniel, he started asking.
Guy how the parrol  take go na.
She say she go come .
Guy no f–k up oo, in case she dey prove stubborn no go Molest am oooo.
Okay I hear you.

3 hours the keeper rang the bell for closing, so went too our various home.

Around 8:00pm I called faith to remind her of tomorrow meeting.
Hello dear how are you doing,
I said too her.
I am fyn ooo she replied .
I called too remind you of tomorrow.
Okay I won’t forget.
So goodnight na.
I ended the call and drafted too sleep.


tomorrow Is Valentine, I am suppose to take Cynthia out, or at least buy her a gift, but I don’t even know what type of place I will take her.
I am an introvert, I am  always indoor, the is my first Valentine I would be spending having a girlfriend.
And it seems it going to be my best Valentine ever.
now I know I have being living a borring life.


Faith came too my house, I Leeds her too my room, she sat down in my bed I gave her malt, she was drinking it before she ask me of the gift.
I came close too her, i hold her palm with my hands I started creasing her, I kiss her on the lips, I was about unbolting her zip in her grown,  before she pushed me,  i hit my head on wall.

I woke up, I was sweating like someone that just run a marathon.
Thank God it was a dream ooo, I said to myself.
I close my eyes and pray about the dream and went too sleep.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 23, 2016 — 1:52 pm

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