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A Story written by Best…


I woke up, I was just having headache, I guess is because of what happened yesterday.
I quickly went to the bathroom, took my bath and went to the parlour, as I got to the parlour I saw my mum, I was shock.
why is this woman at home, I guess is because of what happened yesterday, I quickly greeted her .
Good morning mum I said too her.
Morning,   thank God you didn’t go too school .

I know from that moment that she wants too counsel me.
Chai  there is nothing I hate more than counseling.
Come and sit down, my mum said too me breaking me away from my thought.
I reluctantly sat down opposite her. So she start her counseling.

I know I went too far by slapping her, but what do you expert me too do, clap for you?
yesterday I was very angry.
I have always known you to be rough, but I never expected you to start having s-x in my house, you were not even afraid.
I know is bound to happened because you are a teenager, but you can at least known that this is my house.
I don’t advice you to have s-x  anywhere, don’t get me wrong, you can at least have respect for me by not bring her hear.
My mum Prue out her feelings too me, making me too feel guilty.

I am sorry mum, I promised it will never happened again,  I said too her.

Okay you are free too go.

I left her and went too my room.
I started thinking, Daniel is the main cause of my misfortune, he was the one that advice me to pretend as a born again.
There is this motto Daniel usually use which is, “FORGIVENESS IS A SIN”. He said he heard it from his brother who is in a secrete cult society know as the magnificent. ( that will be discussed in season 2).
That’s why we take revenge to anyone who cross our part.

I started thinking about faith, only God knows what she is passing through, I don’t just know why I am feeling sorry for her,  I guess I have started to like her.
But Truth be told faith is a nice person she is beautiful, she is every man’s dream, but wait oo, why are my saying all these good things about her.
What is really happening too me?


I sat down near the woman that is sailing food, I saw Daniel,  he wave me too come.
I went too meet him.
Guy afa he said too me.
I dey oo.
Why your brother no come school na, he ask.
Omo Me no know, but him go come tomorrow.

I left him and went too the class, as I was going too my class I saw Cynthia, I started calling her but she pretend as if she didn’t hear.
So I quickly ran too meet her holding her hand, she vehemently remove my hand.

Cynthia why are you behaving like this, it was just an harmless hug, it doesn’t mean anything I swear, I said too her.

Harmless you say,  okay why is faith crying, She ask putting me in a tight corner.

What will I tell her na? I started thinking for a good lie to say too her because I can’t just tell her the truth.

You can’t say anything abi she said too me breaking away from my thought.

I try to say something but words refused to come out from my mouth.
She hiss and walk away.

Chai  is this how my relationship with Cynthia going too end?  I said too my self and walk too my class, I sat down on my chair burying my head on the desk.
Some one quickly walk up too me.
It was faith, can I sit with you, she said too me.
Sure I replied her and quickly adjust for her too sit.

See Kelvin I am sorry, I know I am the cause why Cynthia broke up with you, she said too me.

No dear you are not the cause but Cynthia, she is one that allowed jealousy to control her.

Okay I saw you guys talking, so did she forgive you? she ask.

No dear she ask me why were you crying,  But I can’t seem too get any explanation, she just hiss and walk out.

Thanks a lot for keeping it a secret, I am deeply indebted you. You are so different from your brother, she said too me.

3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell, so we went too our various homes.

I got home, I took my bath, and I started reading my books because waec we start nest week.
As I was busy reading, uche quickly walk up too Me.
Guy how school today,  he ask
School dey fine, Daniel ask of you oo.

Okay, but how faith dey say she come school, uche ask.

She Come and she dey fine.
I said too him.


the rest of the day was uneventful.
I woke up the next day, prepared my self for school, I quickly went to the bath room, took my bath and  went too school, by the time I got too school the assembly was already over.
I quietly walk to the class, by then there was no teacher in the class, so I quickly sat down.
30 minutes latter a chemistry teacher came too the class, he started teaching, I didn’t even pay attention  because my thought was with faith, I was just thinking of the strategy I will use to apologized too her.
I was busy with with thought before I heard my name.

Uche what is the different between atom and molicles the teacher ask.

I quickly scrutinized the whole class every body was standing up I am the only one sitting.
Sir I don’t know I said too him.
What is the topic for today, he ask, again.
Sir I don’t know I replied.

You don’t know the topic, I have being calling you for the  pass five minutes but you are not replying, what are you even thinking.

I am sorry sir it will never happened again I said too him.

Better be, he replied.

2 hours later the time keeper rang the bell for break so I quickly went outside to try and talk too faith.

I saw her in the hall, she was sitting alone.
I quickly walk up too her.
I don’t why I wanted to apologized too her, I have already eaten her fish but something is just pushing me too apologized too her.

Faith how are you doing I said too her.
I am fyn she replied me coldly.
See faith i am sorry for what happened.
There is no need cus  I have already forgiven you.
Thanks dear.
No need to thank me, I have forgiven you and our relationship is over and don’t ever called me dear. She Prue out too me.

Faith please  I love you, I said too her.

Love? You love me, you that you are pretending because you want too get under my skirt, now that you done so, just leave me alone she bark.

How do you know I am pretending,  why would I be pretending.

I know and your brother told me so.

My brother!!.
So Kelvin could go too my back tell  faith that I am pretending.

I quickly left her, she started calling my name but refuse too come back.

I went too my brother’s class in search for him,  because I was very angry 
so my brother could be a back stabber I said too myself.
I saw him, he was sitting on a desk.
I quickly walk up too him and gave him a heavy blow, he fell down on the floor.
As I wanted too give him another  blow, someone shouted stop that!!!
I stress the author of the voice it was Mr peter.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 25, 2016 — 10:03 pm

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