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Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers… Part 6


A Story written by Best…

KELVIN side of the story.

Finally Cynthia arrived, she was carrying a plate of rice and a bottle if c–k, she just drop it on my Table.
What’s this for, I ask her.( like say i no know)
Is for you, it’s my way of saying thank you.
Okay thanks, but you don’t have to.
I chose to do it, so just eat your food.
I started eating the food, she was just watching me.
I didn’t  even bother, (because the hunger way hole hear pass bros J own when him finished that 40 days and 40 night fasting.,)after I was done, I told her thank you..
So she took the plate that she wants to return it. 
I told her I would  returned it because I want too see my brother outside.
So I took the plate, I drop it.  as I was about going I saw my brother and Daniel, they  were busy talking.
So I went to meet them.
Me: Guys afa  na,
Daniel: Omo we dey o 
Me : So how ena body na .
Uche: We dey fine ooo, guy watin be time for your wrist watch na.
Me: Omo me no get watch again,
Uche: you way i see watch for your hand when you dey go school.
Me: Adam don  collect am oo
Uche: azin how, how it take happened.
Me : Him punish Cynthia  so I come tell am make him free her but him  no gree,  I come tell am say I go give am #200, but he tell me say na #500 him go collect oo, I show am say na my last card be that, so him come say make i bring am and my wrist watch say if I bring the balance I go collect my watch.
Daniel: your brother na mugu,  girl way u never bleep, person way no be even your girlfriend na u dey sacrificed your property for, what if she come be your girl friend unko, that means you go even sacrifice your life for am na.
Uche:  guy u f–k up,  watin  bad if them punish am .
Me: I just like her, and I no like to see her cry.
Daniel:  uche i dey tell u say your brother na  ote u go think say I dey lie, make we blend am jor.

I left my brother and his friend,  because i don’t  want to listen to their annoyingly comment.
I started  thinking about what they said earlier,  she is not my girl and I am over protecting her.
I do have feelings for her but how will I know if she felt the same way for me.
What if she did not feel anything for me, the only way to find out is to ask her to be my girlfriend.
But how will I ask her to be my girlfriend?

To Be Continued…

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