A Story written by Best…

KELVIN side of the story

(2:30pm) the time keeper rang the bell for closing, we went to our various homes.
I was going home with  uche so we stop at the gate of our house we entered, and we saw our mum in the sitting room.
We greeted her.
good afternoon ma.
Mum: good afternoon My Sons so how is schools today.
fine,  we  both replied.
Mum: so uche I hope you are preparing for your waec.
Uche: yes ma I am preparing.
Mum: okay you guys should go and freshen up  and kelvin see me before 4:30pm because I will be going out by 5:00pm
Me: okay no problem.
We left her, I went to the birth room,
After taken  my birth I eat  my food, rest a little bit and went to see her.
you asked me too see you, I said too her.
yea, I want too ask you if you would like to write your waec with uche.
yea I will love to.
Okay Just prepared your self and read a lot.
Okay no problem, can I go now.
You are free.

Uche side of the story, abt (7:45pm)

I was just bored so I decided to send faith a love text, 
and it says.

You have been the first and will be the only one ever to touch my heart. Ever since the day I met you, my heart stopped beating for me. It beat only for you, saying I love you with every beat.

After that I decided to call her so I dial her number, she  pick in the second ring.
Me: hello dear, 
Faith: please who Is this?
Me: it’s me  uche
Faith: hmmm uche, so you are the one that sent me that text abi 
Me: do you like it
Faith: yea
Me: what I sent you is not just a text, is what I feel about you, and what is happening too me right now
Ever since I came back from school I was just thinking of you, I think I am in love with you.
Faith : hmmm boys and sweet mouth . okay goodnight oo.
Me: good night my love.

The next day was uneventful.

Hear come the D day, the day faith would give me a reply.
I woke up very early in the morning, I check the the time, and it was 6:45, I quickly went to the birth room to take my birth, about 20 minutes later I was done, I came out clean my body with a towel , rub my carol white cream, wore my well iron uniform, I look at my tie, and I said too my self “make I ware am today after all I won go catch fish, I wore it, i look at my reflection in the mirror,  fine guy I said to my self.
I dash out  to kelvin room, i saw him wearing his uniform, he was surprise to see me so he ask.
Guy watin happened, this one way you don dress this early morning watin happened.
Omo e get one fish way 1 won catch today oo. 
Who she be.
Na faith oo, faith for your class.
Hmmm that holy holy, she go gree  for you so.
No babe don reject me abi you no trust me.
Okay oo good luck sha .

I left him and headed to the bike pack, I took a bike to my school, stop at the entrance gate and I walk inside.
Chai see as everywhere quit like say na grave yard , i said  to my self. I walk to my class sat down.
I was thinking of what answer she would give  too me, no girls have ever said no too me, or  Is it because that I always date the bad girls in  school?
This one that every body are saying she is “holy holy”,  she might be a hard nut to crack ooo.
But there is something about this faith, her smile do mesmerized me,  she is very beautiful but she no fine reach,  AGBANI DAREGO, (i swear person way  marry agbani get luck oo .)all those things way I tell her na wash ooo., but she make sense.
I was busy with my thought before I heard the sound of the bell.  
I went to line in the Assembly, every body was just starring at me, some students were busy whisperings to them self.
Abi na crime to come early again? I said to my self.
I look my side, I saw Kelvin and his fellow prefect, later I saw one beautiful damsel coming  in that direction. 
chai this babe make ooo.
it was no other person than faith.  I was busy steering at her before someone tape me on my shoulders, guess who?

To Be Continued…

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