Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers… Part 9


A Story written by Best…


UCHE I like you alot, you are funny handsome but  you have a bad reputation in this school, I wouldn’t  like to mingle with such person, beside I am a born again Christian.
When I said I will think about it, I never really know your character, but when I told my friends,  what they said about you is nothing but bad, you are total bad, I think if you should give your life too Christ, I would have thought of dating you.

Okay no problem, I wouldn’t force you against your wish.
I left her, i was very angry, I left her because I felt like slapping her.
I should give my life to Christ, I said to myself.
I walk to were Daniel is.
He started asking me question,.
Guy afa for the package na?
Omo that babe fall my hand, she they tell me say she no go like to mingle with me unless I give my life yo Christ.
Daniel started laughing.
Guy why you they laugh na  watin I talk funny.
Yes na see as the babe take for your hand chai  I no envy you at all.
E just be like say make I tear am slap as she dey talk that rubbish.
Okay, but I get one plan way you go take get the girl ooo,  but say you go fit do am.
Anything, I just won do revenge for am.
Guy you go pretend as if  say you be born again Christian, you go they come school early,  you go they talk to her about Church, You go let am know say you be change man.
Haba Daniel, that one hard ooo, but I go risk am and I go make sure say I bleep am.
She they find born again abi, I go show am say I be confirmed born again.


after finishing talking to Daniel I decided to tell Cynthia what he told me, but my heart was just beating fast.
I walk to her sit.
Cynthia there is something I wants to tell you, I said too her.
Okay go on.
Cynthia I don’t really know how to say it but I like you alot  more than you can ever imagine.
I would have told  you this  before, but I don’t wants to jeopardize our friendship.
I want you to be my gf, and I promised to always make you happy.

Kelvin I don’t know what to say but your words came by surprised.

I am sorry if I made you angry, I said to her.
I was about too leave ,she held my hand, and I said too me.
I wanted to says something but words refused to come out from my mouth.
Abt 20 second later I got myself and I said too her “I LOVE YOU TOO.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 21, 2016 — 1:49 pm

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