Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 10


A Story written by Best…

Sly quickly went too meet Mr zain, he walk to the hotel and went too his room as directed by the receptionist.

He nock and opened the door.

” Baba I hail ooo” he said and bow down as a sign of respect.

” Go and bring drinks ” Mr zain said to one of his bodyguard. Who immediately walk to the bar and brought out a red label wine and a two class cup. He quickly came to were they are and serve them like a waiter .

” so how are my boys ” Mr zain asked .
” They are fine sir” sly replied calmly.

” Okay let me go straight too the point.
This mission I am given you is an assassination mission I hope you guys will be able to pull it through ” Mr zain asked

” Baba no mission is above the magnificent 7 we have never fail you before and we will never will.
Sly boastfully replied.

” Do you know about the governorship election that is coming up next month Mr zain asked, while Sly nodded his head as a sign of acknowledgement.

” I was just given a contract to assassinate the running mate of Mr Ogbemudia by that I mean Mr Perter because that’s is the only candidate capable of defeating Mr ogbemudia.
I know you guys have done so many assassination, but this is a big one , to assassinate Mr Perter, you guys will need a good plan because the compound is being surrendered with about 30 security and 10,bodyguards . I don’t know how you will do it , but just make sure you assassinate him because the money is worth 20 million naira and I wouldn’t want to loose such a huge amount “.,Mr zain said with command.

” Okay boss , what time should we execute the mission” sly asked

” three days from now and please plan very well because this mission is different from all those assassination you have being doing.” Mr zain advice

” Okay boss” the capon replied


” Guy let’s go flex this money now , let’s go clubbing ” Daniel said too uche who was jubilating over the new sum of money in his pocket.

” Baba university life is sweet oooo, were do you suggests we go. Uche asked.

” There is this club I saw close to this university, I guess that’s were most of the girls in this school go.
Daniel suggest .

” You are right I have heard about that club too, let’s go catch some fishes but firstly we need new wears. Uche replied. While Daniel nodded . they quickly went to the nearest boutique.
They spend up too 20, to 25 thousands naira each on cloths and shoes.

After they are done shopping , they quickly went to their hostel to prepared for the big night.

40 minutes later they were done with everything,.
” Let’s asked the guys if we can take the car ” Daniel suggest immediately they were about leaving.

” you are right , but do you think they would allow us to go with it” uche asked.

” They will , we are already their members na ” Daniel said.
They quickly went too the guys, they didn’t see the capon, they saw solo and asked him for the car.

” baba we won come borrow car oo, we won used am do something ” uche said .

“You are free, but return it as soon as possible. Solo said too them without asking what they wanted to used it for.

” Thanks” they replied and went to were the car was pack. Daniel quickly entered the driver sit .

“Let’s go catch some fishes” Daniel said and start the engine.

To Be Continued…

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