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Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 14


A Story written by Best…

Tuesday  5:00pm

” David you and Solomon should go too Mr peter residential home to scrutinized the building cus  we would need to plan ahead against tonight.” The capon said while David and Solomon quickly drove to the location as directed by the capon.

They got to the estate,  it is was a two storey building, that have a massive gate. The building is being guilder by  security guard. seeing the security and the bodyguard, they start to have a rethink if this mission isn’t  a suicidal .

” The security is really tight Solomon said.
” I don’t really know how we are going too pull it through.”  David reply with a shrugged. ” the magnificent 7 has never fail before, and we are not going too start now Solomon replied with confidence while David swallowed hard.

They quickly drove to the magnificent 7 territory to inform them about the new development.

” Baba security tight ooo.” David said  immediately they gathered for a meeting.

” So how do you suggest we go about it the capon asked.

‘” Our only options is for us too sneak in  unnoticed, but we all know that it will be difficult, but its the only options we have .
When me and Solomon went there, the number of the security put fear in our body. We just have too sneak in unnoticed and the maximum should not be more than  two,  cus too many people would be noticed.
So capon chose the two guys. David explained.

” Baba he is right,  so pick who will go do the job, you know I am always ready . Solomon added

” This is intense I don’t really  know who to pick. Judging from your skills you all have done this kind of job before except for uche and Daniel .

James seeing you have the courage judging from what you did to the leader of the supreme Viking I think you should go. And the second person. You guys know we need someone who have the brain to detect how to go about it. We all know nobody is a match too David when it comes too brain.  So David you and James will execute the mission, but we would be around in case anything went wrong. Like I said every body will participate . and you guys should get prepared cus the mission would be don around 11:00 midnight. So I want every body too be ready before 10:00pm.”   The capon said while the whole member nodded.

The meeting was dismissed.

Around 10:00pm in the night, the whole member quickly assembled themselves in the gathering .
James and David were already prepared. The wore a black and black  cloth and a black marks.

The capon quickly brought out the bag of weapons, giving David and James a silent pistol  and a knife . while the rest of the members pick out there choice of weapon.

“Let’s pray before we go the capon said. while the prayer was conducted by Solomon.

” Don’t f—–g die brother,” samba said immediately they got to the cars.
” We will try our best ” David replied nonchalantly.

Emmanuel was the one driving the car .that consist of 4 people. Which are . uche, Daniel , victor  and Emmanuel.  While Solomon was also driving the second car . that consist high ranking which are . the capon, David, James Solomon, and samba.

They drove to The street of Mr peter, about 50 meters away from the estate.

” Now guys let do this as planned” the capon said .

James and David quickly came out , they went to the building and climb on  the fence there were some electric wire in the fence. they just walk with care to avoid being touche by the electric wires. 
They quickly jump down without making any sound.
They were about 3 security guard patrolling while  4 were sleeping in the security post.

Wearing black and black would we hard too noticed in the middle of the night so the security men didn’t even notice when  they walk pass them . 

They Sneak in to the door, using a needle to open the door without anybody noticing them .

” Its time for the last stage ” David said too James who nodded in acknowledgement.

Walking to  Mr peter bed room, they saw two bodyguard, they quickly attacked them using a wire to strangled them to death.

They started moving forward .

They also met about 4 bodyguard on their way.
they quickly used their silence pistol and shot them without making any sound . 

“Now it time too opened the the door” James said while David quickly used the exert needle to opened the door.
Immediately he opened the door he met 4 bodyguards watching Mr Peter while he sleep.

Seeing David and James they started shooting, while they quickly dork,  and shot them all.

“Please don’t kill me” Mr Peter pleaded. While James quickly shot him without remorse. He shot him about five times making sure is already dead.

They started hearing noises .

” those men just alerted the security with their gun ” David said.
” we don’t have time to waste  let’s go before they catch up on us James replied. While they quickly ran yo the staircase. they met about 10 security guard on their way, they started shooting . they quickly ran back.

” The staircase has being block, the only options we have now is to jump down .David muttered while they ran back.

They quickly jump down falling like a bag of rice.
Immediately they stood up, they saw about 10 security guard steering at him with smile  on there face.

As James was about taking his pistol, they shot him on His hand,  he cried in pain.


Immediately the capon heard the gun shot, they quickly ran to the building, disconnecting the electricity, and flying to the fence one after the other without the fear of electricity wire.

As David saw the capon he quickly gathered courage shooting the guy that shot James in his hand. The capon quickly shoot 2 security guard.
James immediately stood up attacking the the security officer, he gave him a heavy punch that make him to tumble on the floor.   The rest security officer quickly came out shooting James who was beating one of the security guard..

“No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “. The capon scream

To Be Continued…

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