A Story written by Best…

Kelvin was just coming back from lecture, he sighted his brother with some guys walking all dress in red and red.
“Is them Joseph said from behind.
” who is them cus that guy over there is my brother” Kelvin says pointing at uche.
” you mean your brother is one of the 7 Joseph asked with surprised well written on his face.
” what do you mean by one of the 7? kelvin replied .
” the magnificent 7 are the deadliest of all the cult group, and seeing your brother among them I guess he just join because I can’t seem to see David and James. I heard they were dead.” Joseph calmly explained while Kelvin draw back in disbelief.
” so my brother is a cultist” he finally muttered after minutes of silence.
” I am afraid so” Joseph calmly replied.

Kelvin quickly walk pass him in search for his brother.

Uche and Daniel were busy discussing in their room.
” there is something I forget to tell you ” Daniel said while uche calmly nodded his head given him a go ahead.

” you remember that lady that sent for me when we are in club, that lady is dam rich, she is a senator’s wife and she wants me to be her sugar boy.”
” and what was your reply?” Uche immediately asked
” guy you trust me na I gave her an auto response. You know say me no dey dull myself na” Daniel replied while uche smile in admiration.

As they were busy discussing Kelvin bang in, surprising them with his outburst.

” are you a cultist” he immediately asked uche who was stun to reply.

” let me just leave you two to discussed.” Daniel quickly walk out leaving uche to face his fate.

” are you a cultist ” Kelvin asked again this time with a more serious and angry tone.
” what made you think I am a cultist ” uche replied asking a question to answer a question.

“Don’t dear lie too me, cus I saw you with the magnificent 7? Kelvin replied while uche shrugged in resignation.

” yes I am ” uche bodily says while Kelvin draw back in disbelief.

Kelvin was just stun to reply .
they was silence in the room.

” why” kelvin finally muttered after 2 minutes of silence.

” I became a cultist to protect myself from oppression, to be popular, and the most reason to be free from poverty . we both know that the money mother is sending us wouldn’t even feed a poppy for a week talk less of feeding me for a whole month. ” uche boastfully explained shocking Kelvin with his words.

” you’ve forgotten all what mother’s says, don’t follow bad friends don’t join secret cult. This was her national anthem and yet you still join secret cult without even staying more than 3 months in the university. I know Daniel is the one that pressure you too join. Kelvin angrily said too his brother.

” it was my choice to become a member which I am glad I made the right decision because I now have a fat account, and I will advice you too man up by becoming one of us ” his statement made Kelvin angry that he gave him a heavy punch and went out.


Tosin was busy reading his chemistry text book, he heard a nock on the door, he quickly went and open the door. He saw about 4 guys that was dress in black and black, he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him that it was black axe. It was lucky and his gang.

They immediately push the door .
” were is Kelvin” lucky asked tosin immediately they gain entrance.

” I don’t know were he is ” tosin fearfully replied.
” guy polite am better slap, him think say we come play hear ” lucky quickly commanded one of his gang .
They gave tosin a heavy slap that made him to staggered before dropping on the floor.
” please I swear I don’t no were he is ” tosin pleaded .
” okay if you don’t know were he is, no problems. Guys how ena see am na make we used am send massage ” lucky asked his fellow member who nodded affirmatively.

They quickly brought their axe and cut tosin’s index finger.

“Aharaaaaaaaaaaaa” he cried in pain.

To Be Continued…

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