Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 17


A Story written by Best…

Kelvin left uche’s hostel, so many thoughts start to flood through his brain.
“what will I tell mother, I know if I should tell her the truth she would be devastated but I hate lying too her.
Kelvin was dip in thought before someone tap him on his shoulder.
” hey” she says too him.
Immediately he turned he was surprised to see who tapped him. It was Vivian.
“hi” he muttered calmly.

“I have been calling you but you were not replying so I decided to confront you but seeing your face, you look so stressed up I hope all is well. She asked surprising Kelvin with her caring attitude.
“it’s about my brother ” he replied sadly.

” can we go too my place to talk” she asked Kelvin who nodded affirmatively.

They went to Vivian hostel, she went inside her room and brought out 2 plastic chair which the both of them sat down with.

“so tell me what happened to your brother ” she asked immediately they sat down.

” he is among the magnificent 7? Kelvin gruffly replied.

“how do you find out” she asked trying to calm him down.
“I saw him with the magnificent 7 so I went to his hostel to confront him which he boastful agreed. Kelvin said trying not to remember event .

” I know how you feel, is not easy seeing your brother walking in the wrong part but let’s just thank God that the group he join are even preferable than the rest of the cult in this University. I know he had his reasons. And please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying he did the right thing but things happen for a purpose. Assuming I saw a cult group i would belong to, that will protect me from lucky I would have join ” she explained too Kelvin who was stun to reply.

“I will protect you from lucky this I promise you.” he calmly said too her while she stare at him.
They stare at each other without saying anything. Their head started to come close immediately their lips met. They started kissing as if their life depends on it until they heard a footsteps before Vivian broke the kiss. It was Fatima.
“good afternoon ” Fatima greeted.

” welcome ” they both replied sheepishly.

” I think is time for you to go” she says too Kelvin who was shocked of her sudden change of attitude.

He quickly stood up and left her without saying anything.

Immediately Kelvin left, Fatima came out.
“I hope you know what you are doing” she says too Vivian who was dip in thought.

“I don’t really know Fatima ” she camly replied.

” do you have feelings for him..? She asked starring directly to Vivian’s as if the answers were there.

“I don’t really know if it is real feeling or infatuation but I know I felt something for him. She calmly explained .


Kelvin left Vivian hostel dip in thought .
What a kiss, or are my falling for her .? But why her sudden change of behavior. Or is she a chameleon.? He started asking rhetorical questions which he can’t provide Answers to.

Minutes later he was already in his hostel. He opened the door and walk to his room. He was surprised to see the whole place looking disheveled, he saw blood on the floor.
Immediately his eyes caught the sight of tosin.
“My God…!!!!! ” he exclaim

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 5, 2016 — 1:49 pm

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