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A Story written by Best…


At last I am finally hear, it was my dream to become a UNIBEN graduate I guess the dream now becoming a reality.

Kelvin walk to the hostel with his bag that was filled it clothes and another bag that contain his food stuff.

He quickly opened the door to his apartment he met someone resting on the bunk .

“Hi i am Kelvin” Kelvin quickly introduce himself and straight forth his hand in other for him too shake his hands.

” okay I am Tosin but people called me dudu ” he replied after shaking his hands.

Kelvin wanted too ask why he was being called dudu but he decided to leave it for another time cus he was very tired. He quickly ask tosin for the location to the bath room.
He went to the bath room to freshen up 15 minutes later he was done .

” So are you new a student” tosin curiously asked.

“Yeah ” kelvin replied nonchalantly.

” So which course” Tosin ask again .

” Mass com ” Kelvin replied

” wow so you are would be the class mate too Vivian, guy you are lucky oooo. Tosin quickly added in an happy look.

” Who is Vivian and what does it had to do with me being the class mate with her” Kelvin curiously asked.

” Men Vivian is the most beautiful being that was ever created, she is a jambite just like you” . tosin said with a smile.

” Okay what if I am the class mate to the so called beautiful girl what will i gain and beside I am hear to study not too look at women beauty or to date girls.”
Kelvin replied trying not too get irritated by tosin.

” you don’t really get me I am not telling you too date her , what I am trying to say is I want you to date her for me ” tosin said .

Kelvin could not take it anymore
he just burst out laughing.

” why are you laughing is it funny ” tosin curiously asked.

” This was my first time of talking too you, all you could say if for me too date someone for you, someone I have not even seen or talk to, my guy I think you are high, what course are you even studying highlogy ” Kelvin laughingly said too him.

” Okay if you won’t date her for me no problem, and I am an engineering student for your information. Tosin replied

” Sorry bro for making you angry” Kelvin pitifully said too him after sensing that his voice has change .

” I don’t really blame you when you see her you will know why she is driving me crazy In fact all the guys even some lecture” Tosin boastfully said too him.

As Kelvin was busy talking too Tosin his phone started ringing breaking them from their discussion.

He quickly pick in the second ring.

” Have you got there” the caller said too him.

” Yes mum I am already in school, what of Uche when is he coming. Kelvin asked.

” He said he will be coming tomorrow cus he will be going with Daniel. His mum replied.

” Okay goodnight mum” kelvin said trying to end the call.

” Goodnight dear and know why you are in school, remember what I told you don’t followed bad friends.” His mum preach too him again.

” Yea mum you have already told me that, goodnight mum kelvin said trying to evade her preaching.

” goodnight dear her mum said and ended the call

Good night tosin Kelvin said too him and drafted too sleep.

8: 10am on Monday.

Kelvin woke up did his normal routine. He was having lecture around 9:00am about 20 minutes later he was done so he left for lecture around 8:30. The got too school around 8:40am but when he got too school, there was no student in the class. he sat down I brought out his history text book too read.

About 30 minutes later students started coming dress in different kinds of clothes .
wow university is really different from secondary school he said too himself.

He quickly saw someone that was cat walking .
Jesus !!!! He exclaimed, the whole students just stare at him .

“Are you alright “the guy next too him asked.

” Yea am fine” I just remembered something he quickly replied.

” By the way my name is Joseph and I know you are staring at Vivian it happened too me too, mine is even worse than than yours.” Joseph said nonchalantly.

” So she is Vivian Now I know why she is driving Tosin crazy wow her beauty would make you abused the man that wrote the beautiful once are not yet born” Kelvin said without knowing he said those things.

” You are really funny bro” Joseph quickly added .

30 minutes later the lecturer came too the class everybody quickly composed them selves.

2 hours later they were done Kelvin quickly went home after exchanging number with Joseph.

” Wow Tosin she is really beautiful no wonder she is driving you crazy Kelvin excitedly said too tosin immediately he opened the door.

” Now you know so will you help me ” tosin asked immediately.

” See I guess you should approach her by yourself and beside I am not hear to date girls” Kelvin replied.

” Okay if you say so ” tosin said .

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 28, 2016 — 2:38 pm

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