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Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 23


A Story written by Best…

As soon Vivian heard Kelvin was admitted to a hospital,  she quickly come as fast as possible after being accompanied by Daniel. She was shocked as she saw the condition Kelvin’s  is. 
” there is no doubt lucky must have really dealt with him.” she said to herself .

” So how are you feeling dear” she asked Kelvin as she came to sit besides him using her hand to crease his palm.

” I am fine dear”,  Kelvin replied with a weak smile.

Meanwhile Daniel on the other hand has already gave them some privacy.

” I shouldn’t have come here,  I was so worried about you that I came to look for your brother,  but I met his friend who directed me here ” she calmly explained .

”  you don’t have anything to fear now,  lucky will no longer bother us any more. ” Kelvin reply with confidence while she shrugged.

”  what do you mean he won’t bother us,  because the lucky I know can go any length just to have his way with me ” she replied while Kelvin just smile surprising her with his outburst.

” Don’t worry the magnificent 7 will protect us from him and his gang ” Kelvin confidently said.

” why would they do that” she asked .

” that guy that brought you here is Daniel,  he is one of the 7, and the face of the magnificent 7 to be precise ,  because of his good looks,  he his the one that brought me here.  And me on the other hand I am a member and the mission planner but I rather call it event planner .  So don’t worry about lucky,  he will be dealt with. ” Kelvin boastfully  replied while she draw back in disbelief.

”  i thought you hate cultists,  why did you become a member ” Vivian  said almost in tears.

”  I hated cultism,  but how can i be leaving a life of fear.  I would not be able to go to school without being afraid that they might come for me.  And look at what lucky did to tosin,  to Fatima,  to you,  and to me he is the one that put me to the conditions I am now and he must pay dearly for it. ” Kelvin vehemently replied .

”  it all started from me,  I have ruin your life,  cus  if we didn’t became friends,  you would not have come to my rescue.  I am the cause you are now a cultists” she tearfully said too Kelvin.

” No there you are not the cause I am glad I met you cus I am deeply in love with you ” Kelvin said while she star at him,  but she could see the sincerity well written on his face.

”  I love you  too”  she  calmly muttered .


UCHE was still lying on the bed,  he is all alone,  awake and dip in thought.

How can I escape from here, I should have listened to mothers dream,  I should have.  He was blaming himself before the door went opened an a police man walk in. 
Uche  quickly recognized him at once,  it was no other person than Sergeant Monday. He immediately have a sigh of  relief for seeing a familiar face.

” so how are you feeling ” he asked  .

”  fyn ” he calmly replied waiting for him to go straight to the point .

”  the police will  come for you,  but I want you to  promised me and the members that you would not implicate us. ” he said while Uche nodded in other for him to continue. 
”  I am going to released you but not here cus it won’t be possible,  but before that time pleased I want you to endure because they would go through any length just to get the information from you I mean any length ” he said to Uche.

” as long as it means getting out of here,  I would endure ” Uche calmly replied .

To Be Continued…

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