Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 25


A Story written by Best…

UCHE is being examine by the doctor while the police were waiting for him to be through. Feel minutes the doctor is already through.
” I think he is free to go ” the doctor said while the police breathed a sigh of relief
” thanks doc” inspector Mike replied.

They quickly took him to their station were he was being taking to a small room for interrogation. Inspector Mike quickly walk in with a book and a pen and sat opposite him .

” so tell me your name ” inspector Mike asked starring at UCHE face, While remain mute.

” don’t make this hard for your self, just give us the information and we will talk about your case. You know there is no escape here, the only choice you have is to comply with us. ” inspector Mike said after sensing UCHE is not willing to talk.

” so now what is your name ” he asked authoritatively.

” UCHE ” he replied nonchalantly.

” so were can I find your guys ” inspector Mike asked.

” I am the only one ” UCHE replied with confidence.

” seems it would take more than talking, to make you comply with us, don’t worry we have all the means to make you talk. Inspector Mike said while UCHE remain calm. He angrily went out, fill minutes later he came with 3 police officer, one is holding iron while the two remaining police quickly handcuffs him. Inspector Mike quickly plug the iron on the socket steering it on uche’s face.
” Now tell me were can I find your gang” inspector Mike bark while UCHE was silent, he angrily put the iron on uche’s back while the 3 police that came with him hold UCHE in other for him not to move. UCHE scream in pain before the inspector removed the iron from his back. By now there is a scare on his back the shape of the iron could be seen on his back .

” I am the only one” uche said.

” you think we are fools, you thought we didn’t see you. You guys are 7 now tell me were I can find the remaining six ” inspector Mike replied waiting for a response but after sensing UCHE is not ready to comply he burned him with the iron.

” aharrrrararrrrrar” UCHE cried in pain.


The next day after lucky incident Kelvin was still in the magnificent 7 territory, they were busy discussing before the capon phone started ringing, he saw the caller ID which is Sergeant Monday, he quickly excused him.

” hello Monday ” he said immediately he picked the call.
” capon you have to prepare your men because we are going to rescue UCHE tonight, cus I don’t think he can bear the pain cus the police are really torturing him with everything. The only options is for you and your men to come and rescue him tonight. Don’t worry I would come to your side so that we would plan the strategy ” Sergeant Monday explained.
” no problem Monday I will let the guys know. ” the capon calmly replied and ended the call.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 9, 2016 — 2:55 pm

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