Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 26


A Story written by Best…

Kelvin went to visit Vivian in her hostel, he got there and met her and Fatima discussing.

Immediately Vivian saw him, she quickly stood up and gave him a welcoming hug.

” who could have thought that Vivian could love like this ” Fatima said while Vivian blush.

” So what can I get you ” Vivian asked after she had withdrawn from the hug.
” I just came to know how you are fairing. ,” Kelvin replied.

” I am fantastic all thanks to you dear, I would be able to walk freely without being scared of anybody cus my boyfriend is now a magnificent 7? she sheepishly said while Kelvin and Fatima bust into laughter.

” But Kelvin don’t you think the black axe can retaliate ” Fatima said while Kelvin breathed heavily”

” I have been thinking about that but let’s just hope they don’t ” Kelvin replied nonchalantly.

As they were busy discussing Kelvin phone started ringing breaking them away from their discussion.
He saw the call ID boldly written” capon” he quickly picked without hesitation.

” hello ” he said immediately he picked the call.

” come to our territory we are having a meeting” the capon said and ended the call.

Vivian stare at him with a dejected look while Kelvin swallowed hard.

” I have to go ” he breathed.
” okay no problem ” she calmly replied.

Kelvin quickly went to the magnificent 7 territory, he saw about 7 guys that sat down.

” good you are here in time, I want you to meet Sergeant Monday he is our insider” the capon introduced while Sergeant Monday stretch forth his hand Kelvin shook him, while the capon proceed.

” Kelvin we been keeping this a secret from you for a very long time now, you brother UCHE is in the police custody, and this meeting is being held so we can strategise how we would rescue him because we can’t let him stay another day except we are willing to be apprehended by the police ” the capon explain starring directly at Kelvin who was dumbfounded.

” So Kelvin do you have any idea how we can rescue your brother ” Daniel asked.

” fair well then, so Sergeant how Is your security level”. Kelvin asked the Sergeant.

” During 1pm till 9:00pm security is usually tight but from 10:00pm till 5am there is no much security. The Sergeant explained while Kelvin smile.

” so can you get us like 3 police uniform ” Kelvin asked.

” that won’t be a problem ” the Sergeant replied.

” the mission has been accomplished ” Kelvin said while the whole member stare at him in confusion.

” is that all ” the capon asked in confusion.

” No, that’s no all. There won’t be a problem rescuing UCHE if we play our card well. Sergeant would bring the uniform which 3 of the member would used to disguise himself as a police man, In other to gain entrance to uche’s cell, and escape with him, the only problem is that, the security should not be tight. And Sergeant I hope, you have the key to UCHE cell” Kelvin asked.

” I don’t have it but I can steal it, that won’t be a problem ” the Sergeant assured. .
” And Sergeant don’t be anywhere around the station during the attack cus it will get bloody just look for safe place to stay but make sure you are not around because, you can’t be the only police man to survive, cus no police would be alive if throughly we wants to accomplished the mission without any problems. . And guys I hope the plan is well understood ” Kelvin asked .
” what if the police men did not recognize us as one of them” Solomon asked for the first time.

” they don’t have to recognize us cus we will tell them we are from the criminal investigation department, (C I D) that the D P O sent us to question him, immediately we freed UCHE we will alert the others outside who would kill the police outside while the group inside would deal with the once inside . Kelvin explained while the whole member nodded in agreement.

” so I guess the attack should be done around 11:00pm and Sergeant don’t forget to bring the uniform and the key before 10pm so that we would be prepared.” Kelvin replied while the Sergeant calmly nodded.

The meeting was ended.


By 10pm the Sergeant is already with the magnificent 7, he gave them the key and directed how they can easily find the cell.

the capon, Daniel and Samba were dressed in the police uniform, while the rest was dressed in their uniform, which is red and red, they all entered their car drove to the police station. , Solomon Victor, Kelvin and Emmanuel were outside waiting in case it gets bloody they would ambushed the police from behind, while Samba, Daniel and sly walk to the station after hiding some pistol in their belt. They walk in and were greeted by the security on gate who is a police officer, they survey the environment and found out that there is no much police men, About 15 police men could be seen around, some were even dozing while some were sleeping. They walk to the station they met the constable and told them they were looking for UCHE that, they were sent by the D P O to question him.
One of the constable stood up show them the way.
” here it is ” he said pointing at UCHE’S cell.
” thanks ” they all replied while constable went to sit down on his desk.
Immediately UCHE saw them, he breathed a sigh relief.
” Time to go home bro” Daniel said and unlock the cell door. The capon quickly gave him a pistol while Samba alert the others outside.

They started hearing gun shot from outside, the constables quickly ran out to check what’s going on, they shot them from behind. Immediately they got outside they saw about 12 policemen on the floor while some some were at the gate post lying dead. They decide to free the remaining criminals . And left the police station which is now quite like a grave yard.

Immediately UCHE saw Kelvin, . He was astonished.
” what is he doing here ” he asked the capon.

” You brother over here save your life, if it wasn’t for him, recurring you wouldn’t been this easy. He is truly a mission planner. ” the capon said while UCHE smile.

” welcome to the brotherhood brother ” UCHE calmly said.

” I think you deserve a welcoming party ” Daniel suggest while the whole member nodded In agreement.

Daniel , Victor and Emmanuel you guys should spread the news tomorrow cus next tomorrow would be UCHE welcoming back party.

To Be Continued…

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