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Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 27


A Story written by Best…


Although the magnificent 7 were 8 but they are still called the magnificent 7.
Victor, Daniel Emmanuel and Samba went to invite students for the great party that would be held tomorrow.
Kelvin on the other hand has already Invited Vivian, tosin and tessy. On the contrary he has set up a blind date for his brother who is the celebrant of the big event.
The party was fixed in an hotel very close to the school.

****, ********************
The D day finally arrived , the whole member were dress in tux, everyone with his girlfriend except for UCHE who had none, unknowingly to him that he had been fixed on a blind date.

They all left their hostel altogether and went to the hotel were the party is being held.
Immediately they got there, they were surprised seeing the number of students found sitting. The magnificent 7 know they were popular but they never expect such massive crowd to attend such party.

Kelvin was walking looking cute as ever, he came to meet tessy and asked her to follow him using the excuse he wanted to introduce someone to her. She nodded and went with him . Kelvin get to were he brother is. UCHE was busy discussing with some guys, he quickly introduced tessy to him and wink at him.
UCHE Who quickly understand what the wink means he excused himself from the guys and went to private place were he can talk to tessy without anyone interrupting.
” You are really beautiful you know ” UCHE told her immediately they sat down. Tessy just smile and flash her open teeth. Truth be told Tessy is really beautiful even though she is not up to Vivian standard, but she has everything that could make you abused the man that wrote the beautiful once are not yet born.

” I guess you are Kelvin elder’s brother ” she asked while UCHE calmly nodded. As they were discussing the Mc quickly came to stand on the podium to start the agenda.” And the first thing on the agenda is introduction of the celebrant and his girlfriend. ” the Mc called out. While the crowd were anxious waiting for the celebrant to come out.

” So who is the lucky one” tessy asked while UCHE smile in response.
” I guess you are” UCHE replied and stretch forth his hand while she reluctantly held him. they both walk on the stage together.

They stand on the podium, UCHE came forward in front of the mik to give the opening speech. Immediately they heard the sound of a gun shot. The magnificent 7 saw them, they are about 15 of them dressed in black and black about 7 of them were holding axe while the remaining were with gun. No doubt that they are the black axe and lucky could been seen leading the catastrophic act. Immediately the gun was shot students starting running, some were flying fences , while some were hiding on the tables . UCHE quickly grip tessy hand and ran with her. The black axe didn’t know UCHE was a magnificent 7 so he ran pass them without them noticing him. The magnificent 7 on the other hand were perplexed, Kelvin quickly too Vivian and ran to the bathroom to hide . The rest of the gang were on unharmed and they can’t stand the black axe unharmed so they decided to run for there their life but they were chase by the black axe, the black axe were shooting them as they ran after the magnificent 7. They shot Victor on his leg that he fell down. The capon wanted to save him but the black axe were already getting close to them so he had no choice than to run.

The black axe took Victor with them and left the hotel. About 3 student could be found killed while 8 people were injured. Kelvin Came out from the bathroom were he and Vivian were hiding. He quickly went to the magnificent 7 territory.
The whole member sat down on a long Bench looking depressed. Tessy was with UCHE at that moment.
“they don fall Victor , the black axe don carry am go ” Samba said while UCHE and Kelvin was shocked.
” what are we going to do now” UCHE asked. Immediately he asked the question a nylon bag was thrown to them from the gate. The capon and Solomon quickly ran to check was inside. Immediately they opened the bag they met the great shocked of their life, they saw Victor head inside. The whole member look stun while Vivian and tessy quickly ran to the back yard to throw up.

” capon make we dey go the black axe cabal, make we go run them. ” Samba angrily said while the capon held him.

” the black axe send his head in other for us to come to their territory were they would be fully prepared. I say we need protection because I don’t want to loose any other member again ” the capon said.

” Samba you don’t have to worry I know a good native doctor who can help us with protection ” Solomon assured.

” We are going to kill the black axe and everyone they have ever met” UCHE added.

To Be Continued…

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