Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 28


A Story written by Best…

Two day earlier after UCHE was rescue.

Inspector Mike went to the police station, in other to start his interrogation on UCHE. Immediately he got to the station he met the great shocked of life, he saw bodies shattered from the security post, to the building about 15 police men could be seen lying lifeless. He quickly made a phone call, calling the D. P. O and Sergeant Monday.

Fill minutes later Sergeant Monday arrived looking confused as if his is not the mastermind behind it.
” How did it happened ” he asked inspector Mike who sat down on a chair like a confused man which he really is.
” All the prisoners had escape including UCHE, and our chances of capturing his member has been lost. I know his men were responsible for this massacre ” inspector Mike pour out.
Fill minutes later the D. P. O shows up after being accompanied by 3 police men. The D. P. O on the hand look more confused than the two police men.
” inspector Mike what’s the meaning of this ” the D. P. O asked him authoritatively.
” Sir I was shocked myself, I was not around, I don’t know how they did it, but something tell’s me someone gave them information ” inspector Mike replied.
” It’s that all you have to say, we just loose 15 police officer all you can say it’s that someone gave them information ” the D. P. O bark angrily.
” I am going to capture him and his member this I promised you, I already know his face., I just need to know his location and I promise to apprehend the hoodlum. Inspector Mike replied.
” And you Sergeant Monday, where were you during the attacked. ” the D. P. O asked the Sergeant.
” I was not on duty when they came ” Sergeant replied.

” I am giving the both of two weeks to apprehend those hoodlum ” the D. P. O said and left them while the inspector breathed a sigh of relief.

” How are we supposed to catch them before two weeks, we don’t even have a clue were we would start from, and he is just giving us two weeks ” inspector Mike said
” I don’t really know how we will pull this through. Sergeant Monday replied.


The magnificent 7 has finally made a decision to seek help from native doctor before they would attack the black axe. According to Solomon the native doctor is known as the best in the whole of EDO state.
They all arrange their stuff and left for the journey.
They spent about 1 hour on the road before they got to the location.

The place was full of trees and leave, is impossible for someone to inhabit such place, Fill minutes to their journey. They sighted an old house that is covered with leaves and ropes, no doubt the house seems like what a native doctor would live in.
They walk to the house direction, they got there and saw different kinds of objects such like calabash, the skull of a human being, native pot and the likes.

The native doctor was dressed in a red gown .
They all greeted him and walk to the shrine bare footed.
” you seek power ‘ the native said immediately they sat down on the floor.
The magnificent 7 were amazed cus the native doctor know their reason for Coming .
” yes baba we seek protection ” Solomon Said.
” I have protection but are you guys willing to go through the task” the native doctor asked.
” anything we are ready to do as long as we will be protected.
The capon replied.
” first of all you have to pay the sum of 200.000, and the task required you staying in a coffin for 7 days, if you scale through you would be untouchable, But if you don’t you may die” the native doctor said with sincerity well written in his face. Immediately they heard die they shiver out of fear.
” but baba how can we survive in a coffin for 7 days it’s not possible”. Kelvin asked for the first time.
” don’t worry I will give you something, that would protect you but are you guys willing to go through the task. The native doctor asked.

The magnificent 7 started whispering to themselves debating on weather to go through the task or to stay.
Finally they made a decision.

” baba we are willing to do it” the capon finally said.

To Be Continued…

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