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” So guy how do you suggest I go about in toasting Vivian cus I will need a very good plane .” Tosin said to Kelvin.
” Are you taking too me ” Kelvin asked sounding confused.

” Yes na the reason why I haven’t approach her is because I don’t know how to go about it.” Tosin replied nonchalantly.

” See if the girl is going to date you she will, it doesn’t matter the techniques you used. Actually I am not an expect in dating girls cus i only dated one girl all my life, assuming my brother is hear he would have help you with formulas.” Kelvin Explained too him.

” Just one girl, how old are you?” Tosin curiously asked.

” I am 19 although we’ve already broke up due to distance” Kelvin said showing him her picture on his phone.

” Wow she is very beautiful but she is nothing compere too Vivian ” Tosin boastfully said to him.

” I agree with you on that but what is really the reason you like this girl, I know Is not love because the only thing you talk about her is her beauty. What else do you know about her.” Kelvin curious asked putting him in a tight corner.

****stammering**** “I don’t really known anything about her but her beauty is enough to know about her. ” Tosin replied.

” What you feel for her is pure lost cus you are mesmerized by her beauty and nothing more.” Kelvin intelligent explained.

“Okay Einstein I have had you let’s go outside and blend in, were are just hear since morning. Tosin said.
” You are right ” Kelvin replied. They quickly went outside, the time is just 3:00pm some people are still having lecture.
They quickly went to the library they saw Vivian she was reading in the library.

“This is my chance to go talk too her ” Tosin happily said too Kelvin.

He quickly walk up too her .

” Hello” he nervously said too her.”

” Any problem Vivian coldly replied”

***stammering*****” No, am Tosin by the way ” tosin quickly straight forth his hand in other her to shake him. But she decline.
” You haven’t told me why you are hear ” she coldly replied too him.

” Can we be friends” tosin said with a fearful voice.

” I would advice you not to bother your self, we can’t be friends is for your own good ” she said too him killing the little courage he had left.
He shamefully walk to were Kelvin is.

” I guess she decline” Kelvin asked why tosin just nod his head.

They quickly went outside, they saw so many students, looking at some group of students that was dress in red and red. so they quickly join the crowd, some Girls were screaming.

“Is them” tosin said to Kelvin

” Who is them” Kelvin replied sounding confused.

“You mean you don’t know them” tosin asked with a surprise look
While Kelvin just nodded.

They are most deadliest cultist and the most like . they are the most friendly of all the cult group.

“You mean there is another cult group just like them, what is the school authority doing about it” Kelvin surprisingly asked.

” Nothing I guess,.
assuming I am one of them no girl would resist me not even Vivian” tosin boastfully said.

“Let’s go meet the capon and hear what he had to say” . Daniel said too uche.
While uche nodded.

The quickly went to hall 4 because that was the vicinity of the magnificent 7 and it consist of notorious guys rumors has it that some girls are even doing prostitution there.

20 minutes later they were already in hall 4, the sighted the group and went too meet them.

” Bros we hail una ooo” they said to the gang and bow down as a sign of respect.”

” How una dey “the capon asked.
” Baba we gallant ooo” they both replied.

” Okay guys let’s go straight to the point” the capon said.
To become a member is by choice not force, So are you ready to be our disciples?” The capon asked with a straight face.

” baba we are ready ” Daniel replied. ‘” what of you” the capon said pointing at uche.
” Baba I am ready’” uche calmly replied.

“Okay let me go straight to the point” being the disciple doesn’t automatic classify you as a member, but to become a member in future.
Your jobs are very simple, you would be the delivering guy. By that I mean you would be delivering drugs and some hard substance and you would be getting paid.
And you also stand a chance to become one of the 7 in case any of the membered died.” Any question the capon asked after he his done enplaning too them.

“No question” they both replied.

” tomorrow will be your initiations ” the capon added.

To Be Continued…

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