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Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 6


A Story written by Best…



Vivian drop the book she was reading in the library, he quickly pick up her bag and headed to her hostel .
On her way too her hostel she met lucky and his gang. They were sited on a long bench drinking and smoking away there life.

She quickly turn back and start going back to the library.
” Vivian!!!!” Lucky called her name.
She just froze, standing like a statue.
He quickly walk up too her.

“I told you to come to my hostel today didn’t i ” lucky asked with authority.

” I was busy that’s why “. Vivian replied with a fearful voice.
Lucky quickly gave her a slap for her statement.
” Next time if I told you to come you will just obey” because you owned me your life. Lucky said .

” I own you nothing, how would I know if you were not the one that planed it yourself” Vivian said making him to get more angry. He quickly gave her another portion of slap.

Vivian quickly ran out to her hostel, she open her door, she saw Fatima reading on desk.
Immediately Fatima saw her she quickly went too meet her. “why are you crying” Fatima asked her friend.

“It’s lucky again he his just making my life a living hell.” Vivian replied with a tearful voice.

” what did he do again “Fatima curiously asked.

” He asked me too come to his hostel why I didn’t come, when I saw him today he quickly gave me slap as if I am his slave.” Vivian explained too her friend who was stun.

” Lucky have eat what he can’t chew this is too much” Fatima said too Vivian and walk out to the door in search for lucky.
“Fatima don’t go!!!!!” Vivian shouted too her friend. But she was determine to confront lucky.

Fatima quickly went to his hostel but on her way too his hostel he saw lucky and his gang smoking, she quickly walk up too them.

“What on Allah name is wrong with you, why would you be treating Vivian as if she is your slave, just stay away from the poor her girl, you’ve hurt her enough.” Fatima pour out her feeling too him waiting for him too reply.
But lucky didn’t replied her, he and his guys just carried her and went to the near by Bush too raped her.
She started shouting but no one came too her recurs

*****the initiation*******

Uche and Daniel quickly removed their shirt as commanded by the capon.

The capon quickly brought out a sharp knife using it too cave the magnificent 7 on there left chest.
The pain was very intense but they had too bear it. It is a sacrifice they will gladly pay just to be the disciples of the magnificent 7.
All the member have the tattoo.


“Welcome to the brotherhood guys.
you are now the disciples of the magnificent 7”

The capon said too them.

To Be Continued…

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