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Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers ‘Season 2… Part 9


A Story written by Best…

DANIEL and uche



” Sir why are we supposed too open our booth ” DANIEL quickly said .

” If you are clean you don’t need too hide anything, just do as you are told unless you kept a skeleton in your cupboard”. The officer replied.

“Okay” Daniel opened the boot”

” What’s that” the officer asked pointing at the briefcase .
“Is a briefcase that contains some documents, Daniel said and opening the part were the documents is.
The officer saw it , that it truely contain documents. So He told them too go.

” Guy I swear you be genius, how you take know say e no go check inside. I be don dey fear self.” Uche said . immediately they drove passed the police check point.

” One thing I learnt from my brother is that. The only way to evade a police man is to do exactly he says. Assuming I refused or I take time in opening the booth , he may suspects something, and he would even go further in checking the briefcase. That why I quickly do as I was told.” Uche replied.

” What if the officer na go further, what will you suggest we do” uche curiously asked .

” Then we have no choice than to hit him and run away, cus I guess that will be our only option. You heard what capon said FAILURE MEANS DEATH according too Mr zain” uche replied.

” you are right” uche added

About 1 hour they got to the location, they quickly asked of happy day hotel . they found the place after asking about 5 people.

” We are hear too see Mr zain they said to the receptionist immediately they walk in to the building.

” Yours names ” the receptionist asked softly.

” Just tell him sly sent us he will understand” uche added.

The receptionist quickly made a phone call,” you can go too room 86? the receptionist said . immediately she ended the call.

They quickly went there as directed by the receptionist, they saw the number boldly written in front of the door .
They nock and waited for a response.
“Come in ” a baritone voice said.

They fearfully opened the door .
They saw him, he was sited on a single chair, holding long stick of tobacco. he was being guider by two bodyguard

“Good afternoon sir they greeted him immediately they opened the door.

” You must be Uche and daniel ” he asked.

******Stammering**** yes sir they both replied.

“No need to fear, i guess sly have told you about me he asked.

” yes sir” they answered boldly.

” Tell sly too see me tomorrow, Tell him I have a business proposal for him. And don’t worry sly would give you your payment tomorrow.

” Thank you sir” they both replied and handed the briefcase too him. ” Is the documents inside ” he asked while they nodded their head.

2 hours later, they were already in school, they drove to the capon territory .

” Is it done? ” the capon asked immediately he saw them. ” is done ” they both replied

” Mr zain said you should see him tomorrow, he said he has a business proposal. Daniel said

” Okay I will , and come tomorrow to collect your payment . the capon added and went to his room.

The next day ( Saturday)

12: 30pm

Uche and Daniel quickly went too meet the capon .

” Baba we hail oo” they greeted him and bow down as a sign of respect.

” Good thing you guys came early I was about going out” the capon said and brought out a nylon bag that contain a sum of money.

“Hear is your share the capon said handling a bundle of #500 naira note to them each.
It is 50 thousand naira for each of you.

” Thanks they happily said to him .

” You deserver it” the capon added and left them .

“What an easy way to make money” uche muttered while Daniel smile in response.

To Be Continued…

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