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*******The magnificent 7*******

10:00pm (Monday)
Out side the school building

” So capon how do you suggest we go about the operations”
Samba quickly ask.

“I suggests the question should go too Solomon the capon reply leaving Solomon to answer the question.”

” By the look of things I suggests we should go through the front door and I believed the operation should be done on Wednesday I guess that’s is the best time because the bank would be having a lot of customers by that I mean many money would be available or what do you suggest he said throwing the question too the David

” You are right but I think going through the front door just like that might be risky, my suggestion is that we would go through the front door but not as an armed robbers but as a customers.
I suggest capon and samba should go by pretending to open an account, by the time they gain entrance to the bank me and Victor would join you guys to survey the environment. Why James would be at the gate in case of any police interference and you would be the one in charge of withdrawing the money and Emmanuel would be communicating with sergeant Monday in case of police interference” what do you suggest David ask .

“Baba I dove for you ooo, see the way you finish work like say you study criminology ” samba said the whole member just laugh over it.

” fair well then I guess we all agree with David suggestion”
The capon quickly said.

They all nodded in agreement

” by Wednesday we would execute the mission the capon quickly added and the meeting ended with drinking and smoking”

Wednesday quickly came as fast as expected.

“I guess you are all prepared ” the capon ask as they were about too go to the operation.
They all nodded in affirmative.

Sly quickly brought out the bag of weapons, start by arranging the guns on the table.
They members started selecting their choice.
After they were through in selecting their weapons, they quickly entered their rang rover sport car and drove to the Bank.

Sly and samba quickly went inside the bank, they were holding a small bag that was filled with just too pistol and a marks.
The security man stop them and ask them to come in other for him to search them. They quickly drop their bag on the floor the security man just brought his detector to search after he is done searching them out sighting any incriminate object and told them too go.
As they were about going he called them back again and ask them to bring their bag.

“We are hear to open an account it just filled with documents” samba quickly said to the security man.

” Can I still search it ” the security man said.

Sly quickly removed his bag from the floor and open the first opening which is filled with ID card NEPA bill and the likes .
The security man saw it and loose interest to go further.

” i guess you truly wants too open an account”. He security man said and handed the bag to them.

They quickly went inside the bank and went to stand on the queue because the bank is filled today.

” I suggests is time for us too go” David said too victor.

“The security is very tight I think it will be hard for us too gain entrance ” victor quickly replied.

” yeah you are right but if we can’t gain easy entrance we would do it the hard way” David said too victor.
He quickly brought out his Hp bag and starts by putting the weapons.
He brought out his Adaptive
Combat Rifle, AEK-971 and
AK-47 he quickly put it inside the bag and wore it on his back.

When they got to the bank, they was no security so they went inside.
They start by scrutinizing the environment .

They quickly went too meet the capon.

“I guess we should start now ” DAVID quickly said too sly while sly nodded in affirmative.

He quickly brought out his AK-47 and gave Victor the Adaptive
Combat Rifle .
They quickly put on their marks
” Everybody lie down” David bark and shot his gun on the air . everybody quickly obeyed him including the bank staff.

Solomon was busy collecting the customers bags and phones.

“Were Is the bank manager the ”
Sly bark.
“I said were is the bank manager”. As he was shouting His eyes caught one of the banks staff that was pressing phone he quickly brought him out and shoot him.

” Now were is the bank manager before I kill all the staff here”
Sly said in an angry tone.
Hear he is one of the bank staff quickly pointed him .

” so you are the bank manager ” he said to him and gave him a heavy slap, the manager quickly staggered before dropping on the floor.

” Na wa oo you no dey chop way you dey fall like bag of rice
David said sly just laugh and lift him up.

” Take me to were you store money” sly said pointing his pistol to his head.
The bank manager started walking slow, sly quickly gave him another slap

” Come on waka joor he said too him and push him further .

” hear it is ” the manager replied.
Sly quickly brought out a bag

“Solomon come and fill it ” sly called Solomon.

He started filling the bag .


” Emmanuel you people should get out of the bank Now!!!!!”. Sargent Monday said too Emmanuel on the phone.

Emmanuel quickly went to the bank he saw James standing in front of the bank.

” Time too go, go and tell the Capon now”. Emmanuel said to James and walk back too the car.

James ran to the bank ” capon is time for us too go I guess someone as alerted the police”
As Emmanuel was talking to the capon they started hearing the siren of the police.

” They are already hear!!!!!”
Sly bark. Time too go he said to his group.

” solo enough with the money let’s retreat now !!! Sly shouted.

They quickly ran outside, they saw the police.

” You guys should go I will hold them” Samba said to them

” are you sure ” sly ask

” yeah I will join you guys but don’t drive speed ” samba replied .

They quickly went to the car, samba quickly attack the police in a Firring attack he quickly shot the tyre of their car in other to prevent them from chasing them

seeing the police has already outnumbered him he quickly ran for his dear life.
As he was running for him to meet his fellow member , inspector mike quickly shot him on his leg.

“No!!!!!!! ” James shouted from the car, he went after putting his hand on his shoulder, Emmanuel quickly drive too were James and samba is , they quickly jump too the car and drove off.

” That was stupid of you but I like your spirit the capon said too samba.

30 minutes too their journey Sergeant Monday called .

” Sorry for the late info guys” he said too them .

” yeah you always being competent which your job what happened” the capon replied.

” I was not around that why I hope samba Is okay and guys disposed the car you just used because I saw inspector mike written down the plate number.

” yeah samba is okay don’t worry we would do just that and are you coming tonight” the capon ask.

“I don’t think is possible but I would see you guys tomorrow. Sergeant Monday quickly replied and ended the call.

They quickly drove their car to a near by bush and set it ablaze.

To Be Continued…

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