A story written by Foxy…

Chi-Chi as I chose to call her just held tight unto my head as she experienced her own climax. Damn!!! I was out of breath… Never knew that was what it was going to feel like when I give in to her demand. My mind kept replaying what happened as she sat on top my already flaccid Joystick. It was a great S£x and I wouldn’t hesitate to give her more if need be. As she finished catching her breath, she moved her head back and stared into my face with what looked like a victorious smile…. I was pissed, for this babe mind now, she don win me abi? No qualms, na the beginning be dis, I go change am for her when the table turn.

After that day, I promised myself not to get engaged with a strange woman, not for anything, not for Bosom, not for Kitty-Cat…. Person fit die. Don’t ask me how the whole saga finished, it was horrible… I get to understand that Pour no get automatic re-filling machine…. That day for be die for me…. Still recovering from the trauma.. Yes, it is a trauma, cos every morning I wake up afraid of seeing the lady next to me… Now you understand what I mean…. I was turned into a S£x slave…. But the white man will always say…. poo happen… Me go join am say… “the Bleep up be say, e go always smell”.
Pornodude…. Thanks for commenting on my post, it’s just like you having Wole Soyinka pass comment on your literature work. I remain loyal….

To Be Continued…

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