Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 13


A story written by Foxy…

I did the signing, gathered myself together and walked into my office… Comfort at last… Mehn, I just settle o… I just face my job with everything wey dey inside me. Nothing go deter me from this work today… No woman on my mind, just me and myself….. That day, nothing happened, the following day and third day, same…. But the fourth day, my hormone done already start to dey vex. Rose kuku ma no dey help matter as she go just where her mini-skirt. Either she tell me say her LAN cable don disconnect or make I come help her check the printer. When I say make I bend down check the cable, this babe no go even move small, she go just adjust her chair back, and as I dey try wan fix the cable she go just call my name. The first time wey e happen, o boy! Na so my breath seize, see the nicest pants wey I don ever see, you know this kind see through wey dem carry lace do. O’boy, my Joystick come dey tickle me small…. The thing ma come dey become familiar sight. If na her printer, as e be say na up e dey, she go just stand up, dey touch the printer, as soon as I come there na to lean her yansh for my Joystick. Mehn, this is crazy but she dey always time am… Anytime wey customer no dey and her second dey the main reception or when time for lunch don reach. See me see temptation… Na so me sef dey attractive reach…. Me wey still dey form humble dey do my tins jey jey… No time sha, I go blow congo one day.

As this stuff dey go on, me ma I dey strategize… Forget that close shave with that babe, wetin go happen this time go linger for my memory till thy kingdom come…. I just relax, do my gentlemanism till the fourth day. Rose duty shift come change on Tuesday as she no come work, so na night her duty come enter. That day, I just sit down dey do my work dey fantasize how e go be to chuk this kind okpeke…. Na so I dey reason am, my Joystick dey rise and fall, my mind no even tell me say my wish go soon come to pass. That day, na so devil punish me reach say, the workload too much for me, I try all my best make I finish am but no way. I just dey dey bemoan my fate… Which kind yeye customers be dis wey no go allow me close early… See traffic see for road… Na which kind badluck be dis sef… Na so I dey fume for my mind dey smile for my mouth dey do the work wey dey my table. As I carry head up, na so Rose enter with her yansh…..

To Be Continued…

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