Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 15


A story written by Foxy…

As I stand there dey contemplate my next action, instead of make this babe just comot make e be say she don see my Joystick, she no move one bit, instead she just waka dey come my side slowly…. Na so my legs ma just gum join ground, make I move small, for where. I just stand dey watch her, as she just reach my side, she just tell me say I dey big…. For that kind dangerous situation, her complement still make my head swell up… I tell her say to, I don hear make she come dey go nut instead, na the opposite she do. She just carry her hand grab my Joystick, instead of make I push her hand, the warmness plus the softness of her hand just make me freeze. I try for my mind to control the Joystick make e no react but for where, the Joystick just nod softly… Dem that semi strength just enter am. See mess-up, so if na NDA test I go, so na so I for carry fail? But no yawa sha, make I just concentrate for how I go carry show say my mind no dey there.

As she hold am, I no know wetin just carry my eyes come down to her face, na so I see say her eyes dey half shut… Wetin make she even close eyes self, abi her hand na my Joystick wey she hold…. Kai!!! Human anatomy dey very difficult to explain….

The way she held the Joystick was really sweet, I was just too busy concentrating and doing yoga in my mind…. Any way sha, as our eyes locked after she lifted her face up, I saw raw passion in it, that was the very moment I knew I had landed my self in another trap…. But this time there is no way I am allowing this one hook me. I motioned my hand to the door, indicating that someone might just walk in (IN DAI BATA SON AIKIN TA, NI KUMA DAGA NAN NAKE CIN ABINCHI)… She tugged at my joystick, but no way men, my heart was pounding, imagining wat would happen if I was caught in such a scandalous act. I whispered silently to her to go lock the door of the guest room but instead she told me to do that. By this time my Joystick was already hard… Wat if one of then ladies happens to be passing by… I braved the odds, using my hand to conceal my Joystick, I went towards the door and closed it slowly. After closing the door, I leaned back on it, my face lifted, thanking my stars, Bleep the hold up, I’m going to be in a perfect hold up here… I no send at all.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 11, 2016 — 1:01 pm

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