Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 16


A story written by Foxy…

I walked back slowly to go back to where we stopped at, (the Joystick holding and eyes closing part)…. Only to come and meet Rose all Unclad and her Bosom out, what a turn on, I felt my skin raise, emotions ran through me and my Joystick responded in an instant. The first thought that came to my mind was to rush her and grab her roughly, turn her and Bleep her hard from behind, but then I wanted to be a gentleman. I looked at her and from her fresh yellow Bosom down to the panties she was putting on. A white see-through pant, my eyes became overcame with lust, I could barely swallow saliva as I looked at her and I just couldn’t stop myself from smacking my lips. All these were running through my mind while she gave me a good show of her Unclad self…. (Allah ya dauka lokaci ya hallace mace, komai da ya basu ya yi…. Bura uba…. Wannan yarinya kakkyawa ce)… Interpret or find someone to do it for you. As I stood watching her, like an automatic movie director just told us action, we walked towards each other. As soon as we closed in, I held her to myself, squeezed her arse and pressed her pelvic very hard to me. I had always fantasized about using my Joystick to brush a girl’s Kittycat without penetrating and without her opening it; I just grabbed my Joystick, while my other hand was round her. I used the cap to caress her Kittycat through her pant, damn, the sensation was great. My Joystick was brushing a soft wall of warmness with a feeling of wetness…. Either coming from her Kittycat or my pre-Pour…. I bent my head slowly and took her lips in a deep kiss (Har yau, inna tunani abin da ya sa na mata haka, ba wai inna son tab a amma, dole ne na sha ya’un ta)…. I pushed my tongue deeply into her mouth while she in turn sucked it. Her Bosom were resting perfectly on my chest while her hand was wrapped round about me….

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 11, 2016 — 8:14 pm

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