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Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 21


A Story written by Foxy…

The whole matter start last week Sunday wey I dey come back from church with my sister dey jollificate say dem sing one song well and them no fall my hand even though them no rehearse anything. As I dey happily yarn am dey hail her and her head dey swell, na so she just look front come give one of those female shout like that. O boy me ma raise head o, I think say gbege wan happen but to my surprise and happiness, na one angel I just see dey come. She come dey call her name, na so both of them run go hug their self. First of all, my sister na angel she be and una ma know the natural law of things na…. Fine girls no dey associate with ugly girls, na only guys fit make exception but the difference abi the gap between them no go too much. As e be na, I go fit swear with thunder say I no fit fall inside the category of ugly, I fit dey center if not up sef…..
I dey come sharp sharp…..

As she and my sister meet na, na so them dey talk excitedly dey go and me I just stand for where I dey, dey look dem most especially the new babe wey just come. I just hold my keyboard wella come do my face (e don master me to switch on my look to Sekxy mode whenever I dey with woman or if my sister dey with her friend and na so the face ma go come affect the voice… I go come gentle like Gentle Jack). After all their “where have you been and I have been in school talk, my sister just turn look my side come ask me one kind question “Is she not beautiful”… See me see wahala o… Wetin she want make I answer her now, na so I just look her come say “she dey okay”.. For my mind sef, I don already conclude say she na goddess. After every every na, na so me and my sister just waka enter house.

To God who made me, I don even forget the encounter sef as I come back from work on Monday evening come meet her and my sister dey converse for outside. I just stroll go meet am. I know too look the face, I come dey call her my cousin name. na so my sister pinch me come tell me say, the babe na the same person we meet the previous day. Come see apology na, the thing sef come make me run go inside house go relax leave her outside. As I come outside na, na so she just look me, me ma come form small, drag one chair siddon, my sister come use style excuse us. Me don dey yarn my sister since I show Abuja why be say she no dey allow her friends come na, I sure say na the clue she take come use style leave us for there.

To Be Continued…

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