A Story written by Foxy…

I know waste time o, I just start to dey yarn the babe say I hold her for my mind all through the night and na really providence say I see her o…. The babe just dey form sef dey use one kind way to answer my question. I just tire come carry myself comot from there. Na there the story begin o. Na from that place na im I come start to dey see the babe dey show for our place almost everyday. Sometime I go talk to her, at other time I go ignore her… Na so the matter go till yesterday.

I came back a little bit late cos I left the office late yesterday, the holdup was in a go slow mode so instead of the estimated 9o’clock, I came back some few minutes past 8. The first person I saw sitting down was my mum and my heart kind of sank cos I was looking forward to seeing her in the usual place. My disappointment was not to last as I saw her with my sister gisting just after stepping into the house. I was happy and the good thing is she made her hair and looked more beautiful. I complimented her not minding the presence of my sister, twin sister to be precise and walked into my room. I changed my clothes and strolled into the kitchen to get my dinner. I came back sat on the dinner table and ate while they gisted. I put in a word or two or laugh at one or two of their girly jokes. After eating, I came and joined them, sat close to her… (let me give her a name “Joyce”) and looked into her eyes while she talked. It was something I learnt to do when I discovered that when talking with my sister and I am present, she looks more into my eyes than my sister’s. I was enjoying her talking and decided to start playing a little with her. Without my sister noticing, I slipped my hand underneath and started playing with her legs, a point she leaned, looked into my eyes and then stared at her Bosom… Gosh, what a perfect invitation but, funny I wasn’t interested in her enormous Bosom.

I kept up with the pranks, pulling at the little hairs on legs cos I have long nails while she gisted. At a point she would jump, at other times she would hold my hand. In doing so, I will use the other hand to caress her hand until she leaves me to continue with what I was doing.

To Be Continued…

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