Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 32


A Story written by Foxy…

As the babe dey Bleep me dey go, my mind come dey go different places, make I release make this babe free me jor but for where. The babe ride me for 30 minutes till my Joystick cap come dey pain me, yet she still continue to dey grind my Joystick dey go, dey shout dey enjoy herself. My hand just dey her waist involuntarily while I just dey shout dey moan dey go. Memorable Bleep I must confess, but the pains ma na confirm reminder. The moment the babe come close her eyes bend her head go back come wear this kind sardonic smile come increase the pace at which she dey Bleep, na that time na im I know say to under estimate woman because of say your preek be no be am at all. I realize wetin e mean make girls catch guy Molest am make the guy come kpai for their hand. Faster and faster na so she dey ride me, my balls ma come dey constrict dey go. Me ma come close eyes dey follow the babe concentrate. Her body come dey vibrate jigi jigi jaga jaga, her toto come tight my Joystick… I fit swear say the friction between her toto wall and my preek for fit light dry grass bring fire come earth had it been we be EARLY MEN!!!…. My Joystick cap dey practically on fire, na so I just dey shout like say dem send me come Bleep toto…the babe ma follow me dey shout… She start to dey release, my release ma follow her own. My balls squeeze, the tube for my preek expand then the hole for my preek cap open dey feed her system with Pour. The sensation dey out of this world if I must say and the way wey my breath cut, I think say I no go survive am… Choi… Toto sweet!!! 

As I recover from release, I open my eyes see the girl dey suck the remaining of the Pour from my Joystick, dey shake my Joystick make my Joystick rise again. Na so I smile talk for my mind say this babe dey fight lost battle, she no know say wetin happen now no go happen again cos my Joystick don go sabbatical…nothing fit change im mind carry am come back. As the babe sef say I don open eyes, she adjust come up come lie down near my side, put her head for my chest come tell me say na the best S£x ever wey she don get for a very long time be that. Come ask me say why be say my Pour hot like fire, na so I smile (Amma yarinya na za ta kashe ni, wane irin bala’I ne wanna dan Allah) ….. Her plans no go work, I just stand up, remove her hand wey dey toy with my preek (Imagine, she still dey try all her best to wake am up) come tell her say make we enter room go sleep… The babe just look me with this kind “you can’t be serious” look. Na so me ma just troway face but when I look her again, one kind mischievous smile dey play for her lips but wetin even concern me. We enter room, climb bed, off light, carry blanket cover body, I close eyes only to open am later when I feel sweetness (1hr30mins later), the babe don succeed wake up my Johnson dey ride am with reckless abandon. The small sleep wey I catch give me back my energy… Na so we Bleep all through the night till 6:30am…. Twice we go kitchen, first to prepare fast food chop.. second, to go drink water come start furk from there….. Me no fit forget that day… 

When I finally open my eyes, the babe lie down near me, I look clock… 11:00am… I carry my phone, use the weakest voice wey I fit muster, tell dem say I get accident on top bike and I injure bad bad…. Make dem no vex say I go come office later that day come show myself…. THANK GOD MY COUSIN GET CHEMIST!!! I just lie down back begin sleep again with the babe head for my chest!!!

To Be Continued…

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