Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 36


A Story written by Foxy…

Na so she give my preek small squeeze wey make the size increase as e begin start to dey press my gentleman trouser wey I wear. Na so I carry I adjust my bag cover her hand as e dey on top my preek dey play with am. I come carry hand gently push am under her sweater come place am for the lap na so I discover say the place don hot pass as e hot before. I take style look outside window make I see if any of the cars wey dey pass dey look inside car wey I dey. The reason be say I dey like look inside other cars and when I dey inside bus or BRT I dey find am fun when I see person dey misbehave inside car without knowing say person dey watch am.

I push my hand go her lap up where the heat dey comot from as everybody just dey gist dey go. Na so driver come kuku on radio tune go 104.5 wey dem just dey play early morning music, na so their discussion turn enter Ordinary Ahmed matter. As I dey advance with hand, the lady just begin tug my joystick up and down come dey concentrate on the cap, see me o, this woman wan make I carry akamu stain my trouser? I just carry my other hand restrict her make she no cause me wahala o. As she dey comot her hand na so my hand ma dey enter inside her skirt well wey just dey tight. Na so her laps close, I use her touch am make she open am, lai lai, she just keep am close. Na so I push my hand go up come carry one finger push front come begin caress the pant fabric wey I touch. I just dey feel hair, I dey push the hand until I finally come in contact with the mound of her toto.

Na so she carry hand hold my hand come comot am from there but me I don satisfy say as she touch my own, me ma don touch her own. Before I finish arrange myself na so this lady just bend forward put her head for front like say she wan sleep. I come carry eye look her Bosom we dey shoot out from side my heart come begin beat again my preek come stand. Na so I carry my left hand cross my right hand come use the back touch am small whether she go react but na so she keep quite. I just begin handle Bosom but e no too sweet me. Na morning and I dey go work so nothing fit happen. Na so I just relax again, open my bag bring out complimentary card, squeeze am make e small wella come hold am for my hand. 

As I just wan come down for my bus stop I just squeeze the card put for her hand. My mind just tell me say I go soon blow toto but I no just know how soon.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 22, 2016 — 5:55 pm

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