Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 42


A Story written by Foxy…

Na so the man carry vex waka go house come leave my place, everybody come dey sympathise with me dey talk say make I take am easy say all this things dey happen some times. Na so I just dey accept their sorry dey nod my head. This people no know wetin dey on board. After everything I just waka enter inside house my mind dey beat, so na married woman I just Bleep. Na so I carry myself lock door then waka go where I been hide her come knock say make she open door. As the door just dey open, she just jump climb my body come wan plant kiss for my mouth, na so I hold her.

”Who was that man that just came in here?”

Na so I throw the question give am. 

”Dont mind that man, he is engaged to me and has since been proclaiming everywhere that I’m his wife when I’m not legally married to him. He catches fun but doesn’t want me to.”

She replied. Na so I carry eyes look her, well my preek still dey scratch me and toto never do me. Afterall na just round one we just finish, even if na person wife, make I chop her to my satisfaction then come discharge her make she no ever come back. Na so I jack her, use her do smack down on top bed come climb on top her dey smooch her body, na so she respond by holding me close to herself. I come face her Bosom begin suck am, lick am, bite am, just dey do anything wey come my mind. My preek just relax, e no even stand to show any urgency.

Na so I remove my shirt and shorts with boxers while I dey ontop of her while she struggle out of her shirt and jeans. Na so I climb come carry my preek come close to her mouth. She just open her mouth accept my soft preek come begin suck am,na so e just dey sweet me dey go. I come dey move my waist back and front dey Bleep her mouth dey go, na so my preek come charge well. Na so I strech my hand carry baby oil come pour am for her Bosom come rub am well.

I carry my preek plant am in between her Bosom come dey move am ontop while she come Bosom her Bosom together making the passage between her two Bosom tight. Na so I dey on top her dey move my joystick dey go, the thing just dey sweet me while I come move my hand go back come start to dey finger her femalecore dey make her wet. 

To Be Continued…

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