Must Read: The Male Secretary (18+)… Part 43


A Story written by Foxy…

As she just wet finish, na so I move myself come down from her body come turn her around. Na so I carry pillow put under her belle, she open her legs wide come push her nyash up giving me clean access to her toto wey just dey drip wit wetness. Na so I climb her while she use her hand come guide my preek enter her toto. Me come begin Bleep her hard, dey bounce for her soft nyash with my big preek buried deep inside her toto. Na so she carry the other pillow come dey scream put while my eyes just dim with the alomo.

We do all the styles wey dey for blue film, she release tire so tay her toto dry, my release no even look like say e don near, I carry baby oil lubricate her Kittycat still dey Bleep her dey go. She come dey shout say her toto dey catch fire but i no send. Na so I concentrate close my eyes imagine say I dey Bleep Beyonce, Rihanna and all those black girls wey dey act blue film before the Pour come dey build up inside me.

Na so I come dey pump her fast for missionary style, dey make sure say my preek dey comot reach the tip so that her Kittycat mouth go stimulate the cap. Na so I roar come pour inside her while she shout, ”ouch, ouch, ouch”.

As I release finish, I just come down from ontop her body come lie down beside her dey carry hand play with her hair. Na so she come kiss my head come say thank you come ask me why my Pour too hot.

Eh, I no even remember say I no wear condom but I just push the thought go back of my mind. 

My mind just dey on the main interview wey dey come on the following week, new Secretary in a new organization. I just hope say e go pay me sha, both in cash and kind.

This is just the begining!!!


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Updated: Oct 25, 2016 — 9:31 pm

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