Must Read: The Minister Son And I… Episode 32

MINISTER’S SON* *part thirty two*
“Arrest the minister first! He is a murderer!”
I shouted as they approached me. None of
them seemed to listen to me, all they
wanted is to have me back in prison. I
looked at Rozina’s bleeding body lying on
the floor, the cops were so inhuman to see
that she needed help. The Minister’s story
on how he killed my parents echoed in my
mind, yet here I was, maybe with my last
opportunity to revenge for my parents
deaths. Going back to prison might mark the
end of my mission, he was an influential
man, having me killed in prison would take
him little time.
I wanted to shoot him on head, I would then
spend my life in prison, maybe the judge
would sentence me to death, but then, I
would die a better man. I held my gun tightly
against Dad, I reached for the trigger. Five
guns were already pointed at me, the cops
threatened to shoot me, I was not afraid of
that, all I wanted is the Minister to meet his
“I will shoot you if you don’t drop that gun!”
One of the cops, who appeared to be in
charge threatened.
“I want to die, this idiot killed my Dad and
my mother, I must kill him now!”
“David?” I turned to see Rozina struggling to
stand, she had regained her consciousness.
I was glad to see her alive.
“Rozina? Are you alright?”
“Please drop the gun, I don’t want you to die
David, you can only fight the injustice when
alive. Your death will mean the end of all
we have struggled for. Don’t give up sir.”
She spoke passionately. Her words reminded
me of my mother’s words, I looked at her
ring on my little finger, her words were so
clear in my mind, I had to keep fighting, I
had no option than to surrender myself to
the cops, I would then proceed with an
appeal case in which I would explain
everything to the court. My biggest problem
was that I had no evidence or witness apart
from Rozina whose life was obviously in
danger. The minister would not hesitate
eliminating her in my absence.
“Thanks Rozina, I promise never to give up
on this battle, even if I die, my bones and
spirit will still fight for justice.” I helped her
up by her waist, she must have been in
great pains, there was blood on her thighs
too, she was already raped, the cops were
so blind to that.
“If you have to take me away, Rozina must
accompany me into the clinic hospitals.” I
said firmly, it was the only way to protect
her. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ill so I would be
taken direct behind bars, she couldn’t be
safe in the clinics alone. I pointed my gun
against my shoulder and released a bullet,it
was painful but I had to do it. “Why this
David?” Rozina cried, everyone appeared
“You and I are now wounded, that means
we will be in the clinics soon, I propose that
we be allocated the same room in the
wards.” I explained as I dropped my gun. As
if they had really looked toward to that, the
coward cops rained their kicks and lances
on me, I wondered of their beating was
really necessary, had I not surrendered
They beat me into a point I couldn’t support
myself again, I needed to be carried into
their jeep. I passed out on our way to the
cells, I had requested them to take Rozina
with me, I wasn’t sure if they had.
I opened my eyes and closed them again,
whoever I saw needed a good explanation
from me, I owe her my apologies, her face
was not a happy one.
“David? I know you can hear me.” She
“I can’t please, am still unconscious. Why
don’t we talk some other time, I will
“You are an idiot David.”
“There is some truth in that, an idiot who
tricked you, that makes you a bigger idiot my
lady.” I joked.
“You must explain to me why you did it..”
“Or else what? Swallow me alive?”
“See what am holding?”
“Yes, a syringe, I like injections, that’s why I
came, will you mind using the syringe at my
behinds? Its sweet there.”
“The Syringe contains some poison, I want
you to die for fooling me.” She threatened.
“Oh! Good news after so much bad, at least
I will have some pleasure meeting my dead
Dad and mother, I will ask them how they
were killed and whether my sister was still
alive, I will haunt their murderers as a spirit,
but trust me Mercy, I won’t haunt you. I like
you.” I smiled at her, a smile full of pain and
“What do you mean David? The minister?
Your Dad is dead?” She looked so shocked.
“Yes and no, or maybe no and yes. Let’s say
its an imagination.”
“David? Tell me everything, please don’t hide
anything from me, I will go to my grave with
it.” She promised.
“I don’t believe that, I hate promises, I only
loved them when I was a kid. I will only tell
you my story if you vow to help me Mercy, I
need help.”
“Anything for you David, I swear…”
“Stop swearing, my digestion hates that.”
“Am sorry David.”
“I need to be sorry to you myself.” I decided
to narrate my whole story the nurse (Mercy)
who just held her breath. “Are you sure that
story its true, I mean how can men be so
inhuman?” She wiped her tears. “Am so
sorry David, I will stand by you.” She pecked
and wiped it on my cheek.
“Did they bring Rozina here?” I asked her.
“They did but am sorry David.” She said
“Sorry? What do you mean?”
“Rozina….(to continue…)

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