Must Read: The Minister Son And I… Episode 33

MINISTER’S SON* *part thirty three* by
Mwalimu Davis.
“Rozina has been taken to Kenyatta hospital
for further treatment.” She informed sadly,
from my sad story, she knew what that
“That’s too dangerous! We can’t loose
Rozina, she is all I have to witness on my
appeal and to confess against the minister.”
I was already on my legs, if anything, I
needed to protect Rozina, failure the truth
may never be proved.
“The minister insisted on it, he ordered for
her to be transfered to the referral hospital,
by then you were unconscious.” She was as
tensed as I was, I saw some hope in her
“You have to help me Mercy, please, in any
way you can.” I pleaded holding her both
“I will help you David, just tell me how, I will
do anything to ensure the evil man gets
punished by the law.”
“Thank you my lady, I will be forever
indebted to you. Now, I need you to get me
out of this place.” I suggested.
“You want to escape again?” There was
shock on her face.
“Not that I want, its the only d–n solution
we have, you and I are aware of how
important Rozina is.” I tried to convince.
She stared on the floor for a couple of
minute which to me seemed a century.
“We are running out of time, tell me no and I
will have to tie you up again, you liked,
didn’t you?”
“No dummy, now, I have a plan.”
“Bring it forth my lady.” I was curious.
“Tough things requires tough guys.”
“Like you and I? Give me a break.” I joked.
“Will you…?” She sounded agitated.
“Sorry dear, go ahead, my digestion system
is on fire.”
“I have a cousin who is equal to the task, he
is an assassin though I hate to say so, am
sure you know him.” She paused to study
my face.
“I know no such a person, do we need such
a person really?”
“His name is Joe Ngigi, he is the toughest
man I have ever known.”
“Wait, you said Joe who?”
“Ngigi, your very own gatekeeper, the
minister employed him as a gatekeeper for a
reason, he gives him a job to kill everyone
that threatens his political ambition.” She
explained, it was hard to believe her but I
had to.
“Then that means he is loyal to the minister,
how do we win him to work for us?”
“He is my cousin, we have been brought up
together like a brother and sister, Joe loves
me, he will do anything for me.” She
assured me.
“Even betraying his own boss? Which means
loosing his job?”
“Yes, if I offer him a better job and salary,
though he doesn’t have to leave his job.”
“Its risky to let him proceed working there,
but its equally important as we may need to
know the minister’s evil plans.” I suggested.
“Oh yeah, infact he might be the one to
given the contract of killing Rozina.” She
smiled at our new line of success, there
was no doubt that we had some hope.
“Do you think he might have been used to
kill my mother, Brian and Serena’s mother?”
I asked sadly. She stared at me with a new
panic, she seemed so afraid.
“I promise not to harm him, if anything, he
was just a servant of a murderer. Now, stop
wearing that cowardice look, I can’t stand
it.” I tried to cheer her up but I was still not
sure about it, what if I found out that Joe
Ngigi had killed my very precious people in
my life? Would I just forgive him and let him
go, just because he did it as a job? He might
as well pay it with his head off his neck,
that would mean betraying Mercy who had
not reconsidered her decision of telling me
everything, it seemed she was so given to
helping me to reason. “Promise me you
won’t harm or hurt my cousin Joe.” She
pleaded with an appealing look into my
“Come on Mercy, you have my words, now
please, let’s discuss it on how to get Joe,
we need him to steal Rozina from Kenyatta
hospital.” I suggested.
“Where do we take her? She is badly
“To your house, you can be treating her
there, can’t you?”
“You promised to help, no buts my dear.” I
said with an easy finality.
“Alright although that’s too much.” She
“Nothing is too much to sacrifice for justice
and freedom.”
“OK, should I make a phone call to him right
now, he will be here in thirty minutes time.”
She said.
“What’s the time?”
“Its six in the morning, he reports to the job
at eight o’clock to take over from the night
guards, right?” She was right.
At exactly 0705hours, the door was pushed
open and Joe got in, Mercy stood to
welcome him. He had not yet noticed me.
“Hello dear.” He greeted as they hugged.
“Hello Joe, you took so long, if I was being
attacked I would be dead by now.” She
“I was so sleepy and tired, I had a tiresome
mission last night.” He confessed.
“Mission? What mission?” She asked as I
held my breath.
“The usual Missions, Minister’s missions.”
He said causing a cold shiever in my blood.
“You killed Rozina? Cousin! You killed
Rozina?” She cried. “How did you
know….”(to continue)

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