Must Read: The Molested (18+)… Part 4

A Story Written By Shumuel… 
i also felt like a tap of running water was opened into my weewee before uncle ken made some funny sound then removed his long strong big thing that was inbetween his legs from my weewee, we held eachother in our arms there on the German floor which was a bit cold, the felling was great, then uncle ken said we had to get up, get dressed and also clean the floor which had drops of some liquids i thought was our sweats. 

We got up and i cleaned the floor as told by uncle ken, we rested on the couch and watched a programme on DBN together before he said he was leaving, i was sad and told him to stay the night but he refused and we kind of found eachothers lips as he kissed me passionately, placed his hands on my already developed bosom and pressed it, we were about getting into another section when i herad mum’s car horn. 

Immediately i heard the horn we quickly left each other and made sure the house was well aranged and neat, mum came in and met uncle ken, they both exchanged pleasentries, my mum even asked of uncles ken’s fiancee, after all the greetings uncle ken told my mum he was leaveing, she was about declianing when he told her he has been around for a while, mum asked if i entertained him and uncle ken cut in with a smile on his face and answered ”oh she did, i was well entertained” before i could say anything, mum smiled and was happy saying ”ken you and this your wife” uncle ken and i looked at eachother and smiled then he replied and said ”she is my wonderful niece now”, i wouldn’t lie i felt some how unhappy, ”Wife” kind of sounded better to my ear than ”Niece” but anyways uncle ken came close and asked me to excourt him out, which i did after he bade mum his fearwell. 

Uncle ken gave me 10 pieces of Twenty Naira notes (N20), i was so happy, he then told me not to tell mummy of the money and made me promise him i would never reveal what we did to anyone, which i promised. 

From that day enhence uncle ken and i made love several times, he later started buying me the latest editions of Better Lover and Hints magazines, he also takes me to his Doctors friends for abortion anytime i got pregnant, this was how we continued until he finally got married to his fiancee and got her pregnant, he got married to her after Five(5) years of courtship and she didn’t give birth until after Four(4) years of marriage, she had countless miscarriages, uncle ken and i countinued making love until his first child my niece, clocked One(1) years old, by then i was Twenty-one(21) actually almost Tweenty-two years. 

It was the year i finanlly had my SSCE completed with Five(5) Credit in the important subjects, uncle ken and i had a quicky while his wife, daughter, our family and Friends were outside celebrating my niece naming ceremony, after one of the greatest moment of my life, uncle ken told me it was over that this was the last one, he said he would never touch me again and that i should face my studies, he also congratulated me on my SSCE result and made me promise him i was going to study harder for my Jamb which am to sit for the following year so i could gain admission into the University and make something good of my future. 

His words was a dagger to my heart but in tears i still promised him all that he asked for, he told me he his a father and a husband now so he can’t continue with our secret affair, we left the room, i was so unhappy and everyone noticed but i found a good lie to wade them off with. 

The following year i sat for Jamb and passed but i didn’t meet up with the University’s required cutoff mark for Medicine, i was giving insurance instead and thats how i gained admission into the University. 

Now at the University, i tried all i could to make sure my GPA was above average, i mean i was one of the Tops in class, year one and two was good, i leave a peaceful life on campus, even though i never forgot uncle ken and the Ice-cream feeling in my heart everytime he touched me but i bored my head with reading instead and anytime i went home i avoided him … 

To Be Continued… 

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Updated: Jan 28, 2017 — 9:11 am

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