Must Read: The New Church Convert… Part 12

This is a very intoxicating story written Dan Chucks… If you missed Part Eleven yesterday read it HERE!!!

She picked that hand and brought it
further up. It was almost inside her skirt
and before she let go of it, she motioned it
to begin caressing her thigh. I obliged. I
began to rub the inside of her thigh and
soon got to the triangle that joins her two
thighs. She moaned loudly.
“Please can I touch it?”, she sobbed. “Right
from that day you said it in church, I had
dreamt about its size and longed to touch
it. Please allow me to touch that big fat
Joystick! You said it is big, please allow me to
see it. My husband’s has never satisfied
me. This has meant that any man with a
big one will easily get me dripping!
Ohhhh…Danny…oh touch me Danny”
I was stunned!! What has my so-called
confession brought me? Instead of being
the mark of an end to a life of torrid S£x
escapades, it has only brought more to me!
“Please Danny. I know this is wrong but I
cannot help it. You told us you are a S£x
addict and that is what I really want. A S£x
addict who would Fork me silly”, as she said
this, she went for my belt hook.
I found her mouth, and gave her a crushing
kiss! Her Bosom milk sprayed all over my
face and my covered chest. We were both
breathing hard!
She pulled down my trousers while in
return I inserted my thumb into her bare
Kittycat after feeling no panties! She must
have gone in to remove the thing. She
gave out another gasp and pulled my Joystick
hard. She showed no surprises at the size.
She was a freak for monster dicks!
“Fork me please! Fork me hard Danny!”, I
could see tears in her eyes
That touched me, so I pulled her closer by
the hip, spread her legs apart and after
greasing my Joystick with her Bosom milk,
plunged the 8inch mass of black meat into
her soaking Kittycat! She practically jumped!
“Oh my gawd! Ohhhhhhh……..”, She was
pulling my buttocks into her. she wanted
I wasted no time, so I began to beat her
Kittycat with quick strokes. She was busying
herself with unending yells, spraying more
Bosom milk into my face by pressing into
her Tips!! Our body was a pool of sweat
and Bosom milk! At some point, I bent
down to give her a full mouth kiss and she
gripped my head with so much strength
that it hurt. When I eventually freed
myself, I looked down to see my fat Joystick
glide in and out of her wet hole, at each
time, her hip coming up to meet mine! She
was driving me crazy but soon she pulled
away, turned to stand on all fours, inviting
me to Joystick her from behind! Her plump
dark Kittycat looked so inviting! And without
thinking too much, I grabbed her back and
guided the fat meat into her begging
Kittycat! She was as wet as a pool!
“You are soooo Bleeping large!! Oh gawd!!
How I wish you won’t stop!!”, she was
grabbing the fabric of the sofa while I
Forked away!! I felt my Joystick pulsate as her
words were pushing me to the edge. As I
banged her, our body made loud noises.
She kept saying a lot of things and soon, I
felt I was going to blow.
“I’m about cumming Ma”, I screamed!
She quickly pulled away, turned to face
me, and opened her mouth, obviously
inviting me to spray my seed into her
mouth! I just let go and chord after chord
of thick white pap poured into her mouth.
She swallowed as each one hit her throat.
She was steaming hot!
When I had stopped spraying, she grabbed
my meat and began milking it dry with
immense suck after suck. When she was
done, her entire lip was a mess of sticky
white semen. I bent down and kissed her
nose. She smiled.
“You made me Pour four times. You are a
bad boy.”
I laughed and kissed her again.
“My husband won’t be back until next
month.” She was clearly thrilled. “I have
been telling myself that I will beg you to
move in with me until the day he returns. I
could ask the Nanny to stop work until you
leave. What do you think?”
“Wow…”, I wasn’t expect this from her. “I
will think about it. Can’t decide that now.” I
tried to sound as diplomatic as possible
“Please do. You could even move in as soon
as tomorrow.” She had stood now and was
cleaning her Kittycat with a towel that has
been lying on one of the sofas.
I smiled at her desperation.
“Come on, dress up. I can drop you at your
place. Let me get my baby. He should be
up by now”, she rushed into the inner
room, flapping her Buttocks cheeks all over the
place as she did!


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