Must Read: The Private Party… Part 6

By Snake…

Bob jerked suddenly as he felt her hand grasp his and place it on her warm, soft thigh. She purred softly and spread her legs slightly — pushing his hand higher until it slid under her dress. Instinctively Bob massaged her smooth tender flesh with his fingers. As he moved his hand higher, he could feel the warmth building and she parted her thighs wider to give him better access. Soon his middle fingertip brushed against the downy softness of her pubic hair and then the puffy flesh of her vaginal lips. She was not wearing panties. T moaned quietly next to him — encouraging him to continue probing.
Somewhere in his foggy brain Bob had a fleeting thought that what he was doing was wrong. But before he could process the idea any further, the lovely redhead unzipped his fly and reached inside to grasp his throbbing manhood. The touch of her cool skin on his burning shaft caused him to groan and thrust his hips forward. All thoughts of turning back quickly vanished.
Beth stared trance-like at the erotic sight before her. The young groom on the stage now had the bride’s legs spread wide and bent at the knee. Tossing her thick mane of hair from side to side, she panted and groaned as her lover lapped and swirled his tongue into the tight slit of her Kittycat while her hips pumped rhythmically against his hungry mouth.
Dan had moved closer to Beth and gazed down at the lovely sight of her Unclad thighs squeezing together tightly and then relaxing repeatedly. Her dress had ridden up high enough that he could almost see the hidden juncture between her legs, but she was wringing her hands together in her lap preventing the dress from rising any higher. Watching her swelling breasts rise and fall with each ragged breath, he slowly reached his arm around her shoulder in a careful, casual manner so he wouldn’t frighten or alarm her. 
When she did not object to his advance, Dan lightly placed his hand on her knee — again watching her closely for any resistance. But Beth was dizzy and almost drunk with desire. She heard the wet slurping sounds and the constant moans from the couple on the stage and she couldn’t help imagining — no, wishing — that she was the one on the bed tangled in the Unclad, passionate act with the handsome young groom. She vaguely felt a hand touching and slowly sliding up her leg, but it didn’t register in her lust-filled brain until she felt the hem of her dress being tentatively pushed aside.
Beth instinctively looked down to see a man’s hand lightly stroking her exposed skin. Then, with wide, glazed- over eyes, she dreamily looked up and tried to focus on his face smiling back at her. “Let me help you. . .” she heard him say. Dan shifted even closer to her small frame and reached down to gently take her hands and move them off her lap. While they both watched his movements, he carefully took hold of the bottom of her short dress and gradually lifted the fabric up and folded it back onto her stomach — completely revealing her wispy black panties.
Dan took a deep breath. She was more captivating than he had imagined. The scant fabric did little to hide her feminine charms, and he knew he must have her. . .if not entirely now, then certainly before the night was over.
On the other couch Bob leaned back and planted his hands on the cushion to brace himself. He watched the two young lovers on stage trying to send each other over the edge in a frenzied sixty-nine position; but between his outstretched legs, a gorgeous woman he hardly knew knelt in front of him greedily deep-throating his aching Joystick. Her technique was fantastic as she swirled and stabbed her tongue around the sensitive head each time she lifted her lovely head with the flaming red hair.
To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 19, 2017 — 2:37 pm

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